The story of the Site…

  • The user arrives at the page
  • If the person does not have a user they can create it when they select the “Create user” link below the “Log in” possibility
  • After creating a user, or if the user logged in via the user log in possibility, the user arrives at the main user page, which is common for every user.
  • Here the user can give “user ratings” to the products that are available for the user

On a side note: The system sees about 10-20 products max, which the admin can add/change/remove. One patch can be from a day to a week, depending on the admins choice

  • When the user wants to see their previous ratings and/or change them then they can do this if they select the “My ratings” from the user’s personal “User navigation menu”
  • Under “My Settings” the user can see their name( just in case they forgot it) and change their password. Also the user can choose to delete their account there
  • That’s basically it on the average user’s part
  • The user who has the “User with Administrative User abilities” has a longer menu which has a few more features
  • First is the “Users” where the Admin can choose the faith of other users
  • The second is “Food settings” where the admin can control the products, which the other users can rate. Here the Admin can add/delete food. If the admin deletes food here then the food in the other tables(on the main page and in “My ratings”) will also disappear.

This is basically it