UX thingamogig


Login screen:

  • Log in (‘Enter Fridge!’)
  • Create new account (‘Give me a Fridge!’)

Give me a Fridge:

  • A place to create a new user
    • Main elements (that appear on every page):

      • Header: The ‘Rate my Food’ logo [or rather… text] which brings the user back to the main page
      • Left column: Ad-space
      • Center column: the space that changes when clicking on items in the Navigation [the right column]
      • Right column: Navigation + log out
      • Footer: legal stuff

      User panel:
      Their name:

      • Opens their profile

      Their profile:

      • Display picture + FULL name of the user
      • Access to their Fridge

      My Fridge:

      • The contents of the user’s Fridge
      • Here they can add food into their Fridge

      Add food:

      • Fill the fields and ‘Add to Fridge!’

      Other Fridges:

      • Access to others’ Fridges
      • Prize if you are the only user

      Do NOT click!:

      • Don’t


      • User can get help here, alcoholics anonymous etc.

      Log out:

      • Moves the user to a page which gives them a chance to re-enter their username and password to re-enter their Fridge

      Creative spin:

      Upon reaching the ‘login.html’ the user will experience a great mixture of fear and surprise when coming to the realization that they have reached a top secret science project!

      Then they realize they can get a new ‘Fridge’ via the ‘Give me a Fridge!’ button (demands are VERY effective!).

      Then they reach the the registration site which sadly is unavailable. Bummer, we would have loved you in our social community network type of thing!

      HOWEVER! They will not give up and smash the ‘Open Fridge’ button on the ‘login.html’ page and to their surprise: it works. They are now at the ‘index.php’.

      To their surprise they already appear to have food in their Fridge! AND they can change the ratings! But before carrying on they want to add some food so they click on the text allowing them to do just the thing!

      They arrive on the ‘?page=addfood’ however the ‘Add to Fridge!’ button is broken… shame.

      Now they click on their name. This brings them to their profile, from there they can get back to their Fridge. Amazing!

      They find the ‘Other Fridges’ button and receive a special prize!

      Also they try to add an advert via the ‘Your advert here!’ but that doesn’t work either…

      They now seek ‘Help’ and are probably still sitting there and waiting for the help squad… shame that we made them up!

      This concludes the orientation.