The aim The aim of the webpage is…

The aim

The aim of the webpage is to serve as a social network, where people can create and rate fridges(or anything else for that matter).


Since the homepage is set to be the guiding page for the whole website, it is designed so that to
guide the user to various actions.

The underlined “” serves as a stationary home button.

The user can have a look at the most popular fridges, according to user ratings, the default is that 3 of the most popular will be displayed. The fridges have illustrative pictures attached and are clickable for more information.

Right under the “most popular fridges” lies the “see all” button.

One can create his/her own fridge by following a link to “create your own”.

As a “index file”, the user can log in, register and search for a specific fridge or user.
In addition: there is a company logo/advertisement, to add visual stimulus.

Fridge page

The page the same illustrative picture, that was to be seen in the “home page” / ”see all”. Besides it lies a brief description of the fridge (added by the author), the author and the rating for the page.

There is a list of products that the author has put to the fridge. They all have ratings, a description and a place where the user can leave comments or read others’.

Under all the list of fridges lies a “add more” button that will allow the user… wait for it…. add more products (assuming of course that the user wants to add products to his/her own fridge)

The author page

In addition to some general information and the picture of the user, one will find a list of fridges created by the user. These fridges serve as virtual links while having general information besides them.
The “add more” button leads to a page where one can create new fridges (again assuming that the user wants to create a new fridge to his/her own profile)

See all page

Straight forward list of all the fridges created created.
As standardised they have descriptions and ratings for one to keep track more easily.
For user convenience there is a link to the author of the fridge at the far right(under the author category)

Create your own (new fridge)

The user is conveniently given a structure to follow to make the process easier.
Name of fridge -> brief description -> picture of fridge(can be browsed from the user’s computer)

Register (create account)

An ordered list of actions to follow
Choose username
type password
Re-type password
repeat e-mail
Sex: (M / W)
date of birth (chosen from a dropdown list)

PS: for convenience, the input boxes have placeholders (adds neatness)’

Right after registration, a message appears notifying that the user has registered and that he/she can now log in.

Add more products to fridge page

Simple and understandable
For convenience there are 2 inputs at the same page, to fasten the process, when one needs to add more than one product to the fridge. (mind that they both do not have to be filled in)