Ratemyfood com The aim of the website is…


The aim of the website is to create a social hub, where people can give ratings to food. In addition, the site will provide a simple and effective way for people to catalog the foods in their fridge and keep track of their expiration dates.

Home page


  • This is the main page which the user will see when opening the ratemyfood page on the internet. On this page, there are be updates about the user or the user’s friends.The names of people and foods are both clickable and both lead to separate user and food pages.
  • The home page also features a login box.
  • If the user is logged out, the site will only show the home page, only with some random updates from popular users, like Ashton Kutcher or Kim Kardashian.
  • There is also a sidebar menu, which leads to the other pages, namely friends and ratings. ALSO CLICKABLE!


Friends page

  • Table of  Friends
  • When a name is clicked, a second form pops up with additional info and profile picture
  • Link takes user to a page with the friend’s food and ratings



Ratings page

  • Table with the different foods
  • Ratings
  • Ability to add ratings
  • Expiration dates of foods