Microsoft Skype

“Skype was recently acquired by Microsoft. Discuss both the deal’s impact on the proverbial regular user and the reactions to the deal based on a selection of technology sites/blogs.”

The recent purchase of Skype by Microsoft has created a panic among the users of Skype as they seem their free of charge communication possibilities might be under attack. This is however not the case as there will be no major changes to the regular user as this change of ownership is merely cosmetic. It is the same as with football clubs, if the owner changes then nothing changes with the club as the apparent side, the players on the field and the staff, is untouched. This is also true for Skype as it has reached its maximum potential properties as peer-to-peer communication software.

Though this purchase might not affect Skype it might affect the mobile network providers and cell phone users. Firstly as Microsoft now owns Skype they are most likely to embed it into their Windows Phone 7 and working together with Nokia they might work out a solution that would use Skype to make cellular calls when Wi-Fi is available. This of course would mean cheaper call prices for the user but a necessity of using Skype.

Another area where the change of ownership might have impact is the users of Windows 7 as it is likely that Microsoft is going to embed Skype in their next upgrade or even an update. This means that the 300 million users would have an icon of Skype on their desktop even if they do not want to use Skype. Also all the enterprise users will have Skype on their computers which would be a huge impact point of Microsoft if companies started using Skype as their regular VoIP service.

So in general there will be no visible changes for the regular users but Skype will make its way into mobile phone industry and all of the available Windows systems. Meaning that the average user of Skype will get their application on Windows systems automatically, so their life will get easier.

The reactions of the 8.5 billion dollar purchase asked a lot of questions. Why did Microsoft buy Skype? This is the question to bear in mind because there is no tangible reason for Microsoft to buy a company that was in dept and whose revenues are falling. Most of the technology sites brought out the fact that Microsoft bought Skype to keep away rivals like Facebook and Google. This is not entirely true as neither of the companies made real offers on Skype nor were they really interested in acquiring Skype. It is even better for Facebook that Microsoft has Skype as Microsoft is one of the shareholders of Facebook. So what is it that made the software giant buy the unprofitable company? The reason lies behind the intermingling with Microsoft’s other systems like the above discussed Windows and Windows Phone, but also the gaming platform Xbox and Xbox live, and last but not least the Office programs.

The tech world is waiting for the embedding of Skype into Microsoft devices. The first one to get Skype will most probably be the Windows Phone as Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said: “Skype is a phenomenal service that is loved by millions of people around the world. Together we will create the future of real-time communications so people can easily stay connected to family, friends, clients and colleagues anywhere in the world.” So we will see the world where all people will use Skype wherever they are situated. So maybe just maybe thanks to Microsoft calling will be a history and Skyping will be the future.