Skype, a mostly free Internet calling application was acquired by Microsoft for 8.5 billion dollars. Since Skype is the application of the century, there will be a lot of users influenced by the plausible changes that could occur, while Microsoft is at power. So to all of our interest, what will the changes be?

Firstly Microsoft will most likely push skype to be their main communication system (replacing Lync), it can be expected that Microsoft will try and make the system as enerygy/money sufficient as possible. Fortionately to the user, when skype is used on a mobile-phone, this would mean a drop in cost.

Secondly, “eBay” has tried to put Skype to better use before, but with little success because they were unable to put the code of Skype to work. Seemingly, when this incident was to happen to Microsoft, there could be a change in the code of the application. Although this would be a change of large scale, it would fortionately not affect the regular user, as Microsoft will try and leave the outlook and usability the same/similar to what Skype had before. Because, lets face it, why change something that is as brilliant as it is?

Thirdly, as a mobile gamer, one could experience difficulties. Users of the Playstation Portable (PSP), used to use their device to make calls through Skype. Now that Microsoft has hold of the software, It could turn out that for PSP users, this application would not be available anymore as it is left to Microsoft to decide whether or not let users continue using the application. Although this could turn out either way, it can be expected that Microsoft will not cancel the privileges, even though one can expect fees for the luxury.

Furthermore, the regular user of the Windows phone 7 as well as an online gamer, using Xbox and Kinect will clearly benefit from this union, as Microsoft will add Skype usability to the previously mentioned phone and gaming device. This will surely be boosted by the fact that Nokia and Microsoft had joined hands some time before.

Lastly, video advertising will be something that the user of the new, improved Microsoft Skype will most probably have to deal with. This so called problem has two sides, one being that Windows will want to earn some of that 8,5billion back, and the other being that users will terribly suffer the consequences of this change. But would Google or Facebook have bought the software, similar results would have occurred, so that means that this change was inevitable, consider it either good or bad, advertisements will appear.

In conclusion, Microsoft promises to bring variety to Skype usability, making it compatible with gaming consoles as well as mobile-phones. And although, advertisements will swarm Skype and the PSP user might have to say good bye to the application, the transformation is truly something look forward to.

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