Just recently Microsoft acquired Skype for a mythical…

Just recently, Microsoft acquired Skype for a mythical amount of money. Since then, the purchase has become a very hot topic. The opinions are, at best, mixed, with many tech sites calling it a pointless acquisition and a severe waste of company funds.  Among all the chaos, there have been some main valid points which the common user should keep in mind.
Regardless of what experts say, there is one thing which is completely for sure. And that is the fact, that the common user will be affected in a significant way. Having control over Skype, Microsoft can make a huge variety of different moves from this position. Not the least of which, is expanding Skype. Skype support can, in theory, be added to most Microsoft platforms. Most notably the Xbox and Windows phone 7. In addition, Skype could easily be integrated with Microsoft’s current chat/messaging platform, Windows live. These two options seem most probable, because new functionality is constantly added to the Xbox and the service Xbox Live, as well as the Windows phone 7  operating system. A sort of “Mype” operating system is also a possibility.
Aside from the practical implications, the business intrigue concerning the purchase is still rather hazy. Several blogs and experts have expressed their opinion on the topic.  Speculations about the reason for the purchase are very different. Some say, that it was a defensive move to secure Skype from being bought by Google or Facebook. Others think, that it was to secure a position in the VoIP war, where Android and Apple are already competing with Google voice and Facetime. What the sources agree upon, however, is that it was not the smartest of business decisions. Firstly, because Microsoft payed a lot more for Skype than it was actually worth. Secondly, Skype’s ability to bring a constant profit to make up for the  8.5 billion dollar price tag is doubtable. As such, it would seem that the purchase had a different reason, other than going directly for a profit.
Taking all of the variables into account, the chance of seeing a “Mype” come along is actually probable. Due to the rather suspicious nature of the purchase,  Microsoft probably has concrete plan for using Skype. That is, integrating it with all of the different services that Microsoft provides, ranging from Xbox live to Windows live. That is just about the only way that Microsoft can come out with a profit.