“Is it all (ITGS; ICT; web apps; computers; bits and bytes) worth it? Wouldn’t it be better to move into a hut deep in the forest, read poetry and hunt for food? “

Nowadays all our life is computerized and we do not understand how much on them do we rely. To understand this we would have to think of the world without computers and compare it with living in a hut deep in the forest, reading poetry and hunting food.

Imagine that one day there is no electricity, which could become a reality in 2012 during the enormous sun storms. Imagine an ordinary work day. You wake up and realize that your mobile did not wake you up, in fact it is dead. You do not know what time it is because all of the clocks have stopped at 0:00 AM. You do however understand that it is not the right time as the sun is shining bright outside. You walk into the kitchen and want to fry yourself some eggs, but you cannot because your stove works using a microchip which does not have power. You look at the fridge and see that it is empty. You decide that you go to shop to buy something. Your door does not open because it works using a remote system. No worries, you crawl out of the window and step into the car, as it can be opened using the key. You want to start the car but it does not start, as it needs a confirmation from the motherboard and electricity to ignite, which it obviously cannot as there is none. So you decide to take a walk to the shop, but you realise that you have used metro every time you go on foot. Luckily you remember that metro works on fuel in your city, so you wait at the station. Then someone comes and tells you that the mainframe of the metro does not work and metros are not in service. You get mad and move back to your hut in the forest. Yes, you are living in a computerized house in the middle of a forest. You give up on life and start reading poetry and decide to hunt animals for food.

But what if there was no info technology at first place. What if you were already used to hunting food and reading poetry? The answer is everything would still be normal, just another kind of normal. So to ask yourself is it all (ITGS; ICT; web apps; computers; bits and bytes) worth it, then the answer is of course no.