We all sprang from apes, but some didn’t spring far enough.

Since the invention of the first computer general purpose computer “ENIAC” in 1956, people have been hooked to the world of computers. Nowadays personal computers of various shape and size keep track of everything we do. So it seems that we, as humans, could not keep track of all of the information that that the computer age provides us with. But considering the effort that it takes to manufacture computers, keep up servers and get rid of the debris, is it all really worth it? Would it be better, if we turned back to our ancestors’ ways of living, thus ensuring our existence on this planet?

As mentioned, our life greatly depends on computers and the capabilities they provide. Computer technology is used to keep track, use and distribute the information that we acquire in daily bases. If this information was to disappear, could we function the way we do? Could we really have the life we have now, if there was no possibility to “Google” for information, to book flights online, to look for online-news, to communicate with our friends online? The list of possibilities that the computer offers extends close to infinity. So could we live now, how our ancestors used to live, knowing that a simple device offers all of the solutions? As of now, no, we are just in too deep.

Unfortunately, as to anything, there is two sides to this topic. The capabilities, as mentioned before, are endless, but does anyone at this moment consider how much harm is done to our environment due to PC casualties? According to Chris Arnold, the pollution and energy cost in 2003-2004 in the USA alone spans for over 1$ billion on a yearly bases.” For all computers, that is nothing” one can say. No this loss of energy is only due to computer monitors, not being properly shut-off after use. If all the losses were to be added together, the outcome would be in billions of tons of pollution gas, not to mention all the financial losses it causes. But who is to be blamed for this? The, in this case, inconsiderate human. So at this point, the option would be to turn back to the ways of our ancestors. Only this could decelerate our journey to total extinction, who knows, may be we could just be healthy once again.

In conclusion, the question,whether the human should live in luxury and suffer the consequences or live in peace and harmony with nature is to be decided by every individual separately. One thing is for certain: at this pace, the human race is heading for a luxurious extinction.