Y u no live in hut?

The staggering evolution of technology in the past few decades might scare some. Many people have expressed their concern for technology taking over our word, as well as us humans. It is easy to be scared by modern science fiction movies, which depict a world where tyrannical robots have taken over the world and enslaved human kind. For the non-paranoid, however, the threat seems somewhat non existent. Having technology be a part of our everyday lives is a very beneficial factor .
Telecommunications, for example, would probably be hindered the most. Without modern ICT technology, sending a message to another person would take days, instead of seconds. This would pretty much incapacitate world wide communications. Receiving a message to one’s forest hut would also be made impossibly difficult. A mailman would just wander around aimlessly and not get anything done. This would mean a catastrophe for international relations, as well as war time communications. It would be far more effective to use a system which can deliver a message around the globe in a matter of milliseconds. In addition, modern tech gives us the chance to talk to someone face to face, even when the other person is on the moon. Having this ability has moved society forward by large leaps. Giving it up would almost throw us back into the dark ages.
Yet another example would be the accessibility of information. With the Internet, we can pretty much find information on anything that ever existed. Without exception. One might say that all of the world’s knowledge is contained on the Internet. Without it, all the same information would have to be contained in one spot on the earth, where someone would have to travel. Just to search through millions of pieces of information, which could take days or months. Therefore, having a medium, through which information can be found in mere seconds all around the world is the optimal solution.
As for the people would prefer to live in a hut  and read poetry whilst sipping tea, the option is always available. But when considering the whole world, computers and ICT technology are an irreplaceable asset to almost every aspect of life.