Technology is all around us. We are really addicted to the stuff. I personally cannot imagine a life without technology. Communication, economy, medicine and politics all rely on technology and could not exist in a way as we have come to know it. Technology has made more opportunities possible than ever before. Though everybody agrees with this some people have begun to ask questions with the main concern of humans being to addictive of technology and ponder upon that the natural side of humans is dying. Would it be better to leave it all and go back into the forest?

The answer of course is NO. First of all the whole, getting connected with nature, it is fun but people have forgotten how dangerous and unforgiving nature actually is. Watching it on Animal planet is not quite the same as living in it. Humans are not built to be super hunters. Compared to most mammals, we have no claws, we cannot climb, we do not see in the dark very well and so on. We are not fit for nature.

Technology is our strongest weapon. With it we have created a nice friendly habitat where we can feel safe. It has developed for thousands of years, though only recently has it become so advanced and Great. So why should we live it. This would just be stupid. The possible reason is just, that some people think we have “won” nature, by creating our own little world in the world and now, we should just acknowledge victory and move back into the huts, leave our technology and let nature dictate our lives again. But this would just be stupid. I think no species would actually do it, including us and that is why we are probably never going to do it.

Though it is stressful living in the modern world, worrying about things, that actually do not make a difference, it is still a much better plan, than living in the wild, hoping every day that a Grizzly bear does not come and bite my face off or something.