Is it all (ITGS; ICT; web apps; computers; bits and bytes) worth it? Wouldn’t it be better to move into a hut deep in the forest, read poetry and hunt for food? Do discuss!


For this question at hand there is a very simple answer: no. However looking at our modern world and the dependency on technology and all the dangers looming over us we may very well die any day – with or without warning; I will list a few: solar flares, zombie apocalypse, nuclear warfare. Note that the three mentioned have one thing in common: death of technology. For this I have devised a plan, the “How to Survive now that the Internet will be Gone for a rather very-very-very-very-VERY long Time”-plan.
Note: If you are a person in the distance future (it’s 2011 currently, for reference IF you still use calendars) then this book/scroll/stone slab may or may not help you.

CHAPTER I – death from above, or how I learned to fear the flare

Sun – it gives us light and warmth. We depend on the energy of the Sun- just kidding, fossil fuels rule! Chances are, if you are reading this online then your room is shielded with blinds and you are whiter than snow living in your gamer den and listening to techno music. If not then sorry for insulting. Our sun is actually a fierce killer, as it burns at one-zillion degrees and spews cosmic radiation towards us we have to thank our magnetic and atmospheric fields around the Earth because we still aren’t well done (read: cooked alive).
But if indeed one nice day the Sun decides to hurl a solar flare towards us and our sweet Earth decides to let it through (actual possibility, Earth probably hates us even more than the Sun) then our technology will be a goner, also you have a slightly higher risk of cancer.

Firstly our satellites will sizzle up like you poured a can of Coke on a computer, this in turn will severly hinder global communications and navigation systems.
Secondly anything in the top layers of the atmosphere will lose all modern technology – airplanes for example will become gigantic metal missiles.
Thirdly the last layers of communication and radio give up because all the broadcast towers will fizzle out.
Fourthly all personal technology (smart cars, mobile phones, computers, household technology etc.) will be a goner.
It will be like the Middle Ages again but now we’ll have tons of metal and useless technology laying around. A large proportion of the world will probably die out since they rely on computers for every single task. The impact will certainly be gigantic on the First and Second Worlds however the Third World may not lose so much.

CHAPTER II – GRRR-raaah braaains* (zombie apocalypse)

Ah yes, it sure is great to live in the future! Where all the plants are grown in laboratories and they all… er… look exactly the same!? But the taste! The taste is sen- they taste like water, like dirty-dirty water from the horriblemist gutter you can imagine.
Well at least we aren’t doing the same things to animals! Oh, we are? Well at least it won’t spread to humans! It can? Excuse me folks, I have to go to my local supermarket and load up on tinned food and shotguns because we are on the verge of a zombie apocalypse!

Firstly most of your closest people (co-workers, relatives, probably even your family) will either a) get really sick and die or b) get eaten alive and die but fret not, because…
Secondly most of your closest people (co-workers, relatives, probably even your family) will come back as flesh-eating monsters.
But that’s only the human factor, what about our dearly loved technology?
The first week will be a-okay (apart from all the explosions, fire, flesh-eating monsters, gunfire, more flesh-eating monsters, looters etc.) since there’s enough power to keep the technology going.
By the end of the first month most power plants will shut down and you’ll find yourself in darkness (surrounded by the flesh eating monsters) and all your technology will soon follow into the darkness, again it’ll be like the Middle Ages with lots of metal laying about everywhere but as an added bonus you’ll also have flesh-eating monsters lurking about.
But even better news! after a couple of years all the nuclear power plants will begin overheating and they’ll start popping like popcorn, the world will be pretty much irradiated (refer to Chapter III for further assistance if that is the case) oh and did I mention the flesh-eating monsters?

  • terribly sorry if I insulted any zombie that has considered better ways/reintegrated into the society and thus follows the norm of not murdering somebody for the delicious gray matter

CHAPTER III – Cold War just got hot; Gentleman, no fighting in the war room!

Ahh yes, the Cold War… the grass was greener, the sky bluer and the threat of nuclear holocaust loomed over everybody. Well luckily times have changed, we not only have awesome technology and live in peaceful Utopias and the threat of nuclear weapons is gon- oh…
Well let us find comfort in the fact that there are no nuclear weapons left in the worl- oh…
Well at least no rogue nation or group can get their hands on nuclear weapons… they can, can’t they? Oh they already have the nukes?
Well, prepare your tinned goods and foods, move into the Vault-Tec issued Fallout shelter and let us set the world on fire.


Firstly exploding nuclear bombs produce an EMP blast which will instantly fry any technology, be it on or off, it’s still going to fry.
Secondly it has been observed that an exploding nuclear bomb will produce great amounts of heat, technology does not like heat and heat equivalent to the Sun will melt even the most hard-corest of technological knick-knack.
Thirdly, purely as a human factor, nuclear bombs also produce radiation, human body does not like radiation.
Fourthly, depending on the scale of the nuclear conflict the surface of the world will be unusable from 100 to 100 000 000 years, which in layman’s terms is a looooooooong time (notice the amount of o’s, fear the amount of o’s).

Only thing weaker than the human body is the technology we’ve grown to use and love.
I’ll keep it short folks: we’re screwed.