And so it ends, only to begin again

And thus the cosmical event was drawing to an end. Event which can only be witnessed once in two millennia. We were the few who were to witness it. Before us no one had seen it nor will no one for the next 2000 years. If there will be anyone remaining that is. We stared at it. We were awestruck. No one dared say a word. Not because they were afraid to ruin the moment, simply no one could say a word. Our throats were clenched shut, our bodies struggled to breathe the sweet air; our minds preoccupied with the observation of what later was only to be known simply by the name of Cosmical Event 241.

I hereby announce that -name redacted- is now a fully sanctioned and legalized firm.

Proxima-7 CE-241 will be a regular CE. They don’t need to know about the riff-raff found on the Uninet!

Al-Qaeda has taken full responsibility for the attacks on the…

Today a South-Korean frigate was sunk by a mysterious torpedo fired from…

President -redacted- will be meeting with President -redacted- and President -redacted- today to speak of changing the nature and scale of warfare in what was once known as Africa.

What surprised everybody was the fact that humans didn’t run into aliens. In actuality we’ve met at least 43 different alien races, the Tri-Government just decimated them, took the technology and claimed it as their Discovery. However via Uninet rumours and photographic evidence spread that indeed there have been alien races, that they all prophesied their end and that after, which now we know by the aforementioned name of Cosmical Event 241 we the humans would find… something that could match us and end us.

We have picked up certain… events taking place in random places in the universe. What should we do about them?

It is amazing! We are all witnessing the beginning of a time of peace!

This is 6-1, come in Alpha Base.
Alpha Base here, reading you loud and clear 6-1.
Roger. Alpha Base, we have arrived at P-SS4-P7, how copy?
Copy. ETA of CE24… 1 is… T minus 2 Mikes.
Affirmative, T minus 2 Mikes, clocks synced. 6-1 out.
Clocks synced, gear active and… Cap, we are picking up radiation!
Settle down, is it within acceptable boundaries?
Uh… yes-yes it is, sorry.
No worries, understandable surprise. Not like you trained for 2 years or anything…
Oh shut up. T minus 1 Mike.
I don’t think it’s going to get bumpy but maybe we should get into the har-
Alpha Base here, 6-1 the tear opened up earl-
6-1 remember your training, if you follow the Emergency Protocol 1 you should be fine.
Come in 6-1. 6-1? 6-1 come in! COME IN 6-1!

I think we lost 6-1, deep space scan for 6-1 when the event closes.

We need to form special teams to seek out the CE’s!

Why so hushed? Because Cosmical Event 241 was immediate proof which would have destroyed not one but three Universal Corporations or like they are fond of calling themselves: the Tri-Government Universal Union. The three corporations are ancient, they all found their beginning in the start of the 21st century, of course then no one would have believed that three little firms would evolve into corporations, that they would split the world into three, wage war for three centuries without actually decimating each other and then in a total turn of events and as a huge surprise they would join, blast off into space and start a de jure Millennia of Peace and Discovery which de facto meant that the human race turned into religious zealots that followed the simple religious principles of the Tri-Government and followed every order.

CE-241 was another deep space event which can not be explained by modern technology.

They don’t need to know about it.

So the Tri-Government made The Six. Six scout ships filled with six crew members each who would check and observe Cosmical Events which could be detected by the state of the art technology. Of course their mission was classified but the First of The Six have now arrived at the edge of the Pegasus Sub-System 4 near the uncolonized and dead planet Proxima-7, here they will soon bear witness to the Cosmical Event 241. Here they will find the beginning to The End, and when it begins, The End will only be the beginning again.