“And so it ends, only to begin again”.

It is 1st of June and the IB year 1 ends. But does it mean there is no homework? No it just ends to begin again. Just so you know for summer “holidays” the necessary assignments include “ITGS Project, TOK essay, Math Porfolio, Extended Essay, Bunch of lab reports, etc.”. Lets just say you are sitting at your laptop reading this sentence and you know that there is 31 degrees outside but NO! you cannot leave your laptop and go to the beach. It is just because you know the school has ended just to begin again on holidays. Yeah it is great to study not so much. But well there is nothing you can do, even your excessive computer skills will not help you because time is limited and you cannot cheat now by just posting this post before the deadline unfinished and finishing it after the deadline by just editing the post before Paavo can read it. Yeah we all know you have done it, you cannot hide it from the PAFF. But actually this is not what I wanted to discuss today, it was just an intro to the wonderful summer in front of us.
The reality is that it seems as the world as we know it is coming to an end. As we all have noticed there are frequent blackouts. It is actually the all mighty GOD testing his new supercomputer the Yobibytus. And yes we are talking here about the main character in the fiction work “The Bible.” Just to be on the safe side I must quote Urban Dictionary “And God replied: I am Who Am.
And Moses quickly corrected him saying that it should be I am Who Is. But God never was any good at grammar.” Yes, that’s right GOD has never been good at grammar that’s why he probably misspelled “Job”ibytus. Though we all know it is hard to remember your best friend’s name after drinking wine night’n’day. But what do we know its GOD we are talking about. Well, back to the topic, GOD was testing his supercomputer, but frankly he forgot that he was using Windows. At the moment when he was going to hit enter after having typed GOD into the Google Search (Yes, we all like google’ing ourselves, isn’t it funny?? Anybody? Ah, forget it!).Anyways at the very moment the thing what we love the most about Windows happened. Yup, the Windows Update restarted the computer just because it can. That made GOD so furious that he said: “That its!” (Mind his great grammar) And on that very moment on 21st of December 2012 he ended the company called “Microsoft”. All normal people were so happy that the empire had fallen that they all killed themselves just to praise GOD. And so it ends… The World as we know it of course…. but only to begin again…