It was a regular night for Uimo He…

It was a regular night for Uimo. He was just sitting at home minding his own business when suddenly somebody in his msn started speaking to him. That somebody was Max. He was asking Uimo to come to a party which was going to take place in two hours. Uimo was hesitant at first because he does not socialize at all with Max but then thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to mingle with people. In a few moments everything was set. Uimo knew where to go and how to get there.
Uimo started preparing himself for the big night ahead. He slapped on his dads cologne, put on his swankiest clothes and gelled his hair. When he looked in the mirror he was pleased with what he saw. It was time to set out to the party. In 30 minutes he arrived and already heard the heavy music beating 500 feet away. He met up with Max and got to know him a little better. During the night he danced a lot, met some new friends and got the opportunity to talk to some girls. It was everything he could have ever imagined. Quite soon though most of the liquor was gone and the remaining dudes and chicks wanted some food. Uimo and a couple of his new friends decided that one guy with a motorbike would go to the nearest McDonalds and bring back a huge amount of burgers.
Everybody agreed to the plan and gave the guy the money to go and buy the food. The motorcycle whisked away into the darkness and in an hour was back with the food. Everybody came to claim their load of meat including Uimo. Uimo ordered the most food: two big macs, a big tasty and 6 cheeseburgers. He gobbled them down like a monster until he was so full that he could not move. After that so to say epic mealtime the group disbanded. Uimo went home and had a good 10 hours of sleep. When he woke up he felt the need to go to the bathroom to take a massive dump. He sat there for a good 20 minutes. Finally he was finished and satisfied. He started to go to the TV when suddenly his stomach started to turn. At that very precise moment the phone rang. He picked it up and from it a voice asked ” How are those laxatives working out for you”. At that split second Uimo knew that the crap session before had ended only to begin again. He shat for the next two days only to begin again after one day. Ultimately his intestines did not hold out and he died of distressed diarrhea syndrome. Even in his coffin he shat his pants multiple times. This was the story of Uimo the SHATANATOR.