We all are serious gahbah’s!

The Earth…. A wonderful place that provides us with all the living conditions: food, water, oxygen and most of all a place to exist. This small planet, that we can call our own, has served its purpose for millions of years. But will there be millions to come? The ancient people, The Mayas would like to disagree. In fact, the world, according to them, will come to an end in late 2012. But can there be even a peak of truth in this abstract and outrageous claim, which has been around much longer than every one of us can remember? Some people tend to agree yet some others do not. Will the gods come to Earth again to start another cycle of life? Will the, more powerful than ever, magnetic storms from the Sun make us lose all of our technology thus making us immobile and dazed? Or will we just go through the period like it was nothing, living to tell the tail? Answers to these questions are to be answered when the time comes, may it be one or the other.
Putting the sudden combustion of the earth aside for now, we might still wonder whether we, humans, are to exist here for another million years. It may well be that way, but the way that some people are spending, consuming and wasting today, there is no bright future to be seen. As global warming may or may not be a major issue, we can be sure that the activities we find ourselves in now, are certainly not so healthy to our mother earth or to ourselves.
What about OIL? Is it not the single most used resource at this very moment? Me, writing and You reading are spending valuable energy, collected into fossils. But could this energy be used in a more productive way? The simple answer to this would be no. This is just because a small group of people can’t make a difference, or can they… well don’t get your hopes up… what is a thousand, ten thousand people percentage wise, when it comes to the roughly 7 billion people of the world… nothing. People of our generation, of our global universe have just got to used to the fact that we have all the wonderful technology. But the question remains… will there be an end? Well… no, because as the greedy bastards we are, we will be constantly moving in the direction of discovering new ways of cheap energy, that will yet again power our need for economically unfriendly technology.
But what about all the litter we produce, will we once be buried within? One might guess that’s the answer, but there could be many possible solutions. We could hire space-mutant-Martian-guys to take all of this waste to some other unsuspecting planet (more debris around Uranus? :P), or realistically speaking, make the best out of the situation… let’s recycle trash and use it once more. Then we shall inhabit this planed for another million years.
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