Another “age”?

Yes I do in fact expect the coming of another age. Actually I believe that this is age is nearly upon us if not already here. The “age” that I am talking about is the Connected age which of course involves the internet and a whole bunch of social networks.

I believe this term “being connected” is a world known phenomena of people creating a Facebook, Twitter, Orkut or whatever social network account and then adding all your friends in order to chat with them, comment on photos and so on. The number of connections is increasing with each day and it seems as if people do not actually need to leave their computers anymore. They actually prefer their virtually displayed friends to meeting them in real life. Even my own parents are spending most of their time on Facebook commenting on their friends lately added new information or pictures. At first I did not expect this to happen that everyone would be so enthusiastic about sharing their private endeavours on the internet but the results are intoxicating. These social networks are spreading faster than the plague. Sooner that we know it the whole population is connected to each other. This is actually quite bad because if people really prefer virtual communication to real life then that might lead to the next step or “age” which would be the artificial age because if people are content with their lives behind the computers then somebody or something has to do all the work. It would not take long to conclude that machines would be the answer.

I really do hope that this is not where mankind is headed because we all know what happens with artificial intelligence. So I do encourage people do go outside, meet their friends and do some crazy shenanigans together. I am not saying that the Connected age is a bad thing but it can lead to worse consequences.