I Like Turtles

Two years before our fall was born, something amazing was published – The World Wide Web. At that time, it was probably only accessible to the “geekiest” of computer fanatics. 20 years later however, the picture is quite different. The age at which children are engaged to the exciting and wonderful world of the World Wide Web, is as low as ever, sometimes even reaching the tender age of 3. But who is to blame in this situation? No-one, we ourselves have created this monster we like to call “the information age”. But either way, monster or not, we benefit far more from this age, than there is to lose. Nearly limitless information at our fingertips is just overwhelming to measure. But can this “monster” evolve into anything even greater? Can we create something even more beneficial to our success and communication? The gradual break-throughs in science together with the hard work of computer engineers will make the smallest of information carriers available to us today seem like “bricks” in the future. That means that in the case of trying to make more and more technology fit inside a rather small device certain evolvement is seen from day to day. But still it is doubtable whether even the smallest of devices will change or enhance the foundation for the information age. At this very moment we are at the peak of our capabilities when it comes to sharing and gaining information. But in the future, would the leap of connecting our brain with all of the information in the world really be reasonable, taking into consideration the harm that kind of an action could cause? This question will be the threshold for the next great change. But does it all really matter, we will be dead at the end of 2012 anyways, right?