New-age computing.

In our modern day of the Internet and touch screens, the evolution of technology gets faster and faster, not in small increments, but rather in magnitudes. Our Internet connections have gone from kilobits to gigabits, increasing nearly a thousand fold. We live in an age where we can access the Internet just about everywhere and access a seemingly unlimited store of information of all kinds. So what could possibly be the next step? It is most certain, that there will be one, so it is in no way a question of “if?”, but rather a question of “what?” and “when?”.
Observing current trends, one might infer that the evolution of personal computing will inevitably kill the notion of the “desktop computer”. This is because of the progression of both tablet and cloud computing. Apple’s iPad has gained a massive amount of popularity and sparked quite a humongous trend in both the world and in the designs of rival companies, like dell or HP. Smaller, more personal computing solutions are favored, and the large home tower computers seem to be on the downfall. This is mainly because the limitation no longer lies with the technology. Most things can be made portable these days. In addition to that, most people no longer have any computing needs other than browsing the web and checking email. Those tasks can be done on any phone, so the need for a large PC is diminishing.
Another rising trend in personal computing is cloud computing. The surfacing of web utilities like dropbox are a sign of that. Having a large harddrive is somewhat a thing of the past, because the amount of files that can only be kept on an HDD is getting smaller. Music and movies can be kept in the cloud via iTunes. Documents and files can be safely stored
in the cloud using dropbox. Photos can be moved straight into online galleries. Due to this, the need for a large stationary harddrive has almost disappeared. Further diminishing the need for a personal PC.
Judging by these two trends, it would seem that the notion of the “desktop” is becoming obsolete. Large home computers are being replaced by small portable tablets. Data storage is moving into the cloud. Taking both of these into consideration, the next age would be the age of the cloud, were a person’s workspace is portable and most of his data is stored in the cloud.
Personally, I’m looking forward to an age where I have access to all my information on the move.