Yes certainly we are headed into a next…

Yes, certainly we are headed into a next age, but there are infinite possibilities what will happen to the human race. There are at least 4 possibilities that I can think of:

1. Age of Downfall (Fallout-esque age)
The growing tensions in the Middle East and the Pacific region mean that we are living in a tense time. And it is getting more tense all the time. Like the gunpowder barrel that Europe was on the dawn of the First World War I fear we might be on the verge onto the Third.

The important question that remains are the weapons that are chosen. If one side decides to use nukes we can most likely kiss goodbye to one-third of the planet whilst the second-third lives in a perpetually hotter and hotter climate.

Let me just say it is nasty and hopefully we will steer clear of it.

2. Age of Machines
One thing I foresee happening really quickly, if we do not blow ourselves up, is the rise of machines, and not in that Terminator type of way. For example in Estonia we are usually greatly surprised if we can not use our credit cards to pay for something in a shop, in Japan people are surprised when there is no machine from which to buy their tickets, drinks or even food. Now, if we were to couple the machines from Japan with the technology we use in Estonia then we would already remove physical money. And I believe that is the most important step for humans. I will not dwelve into the topic of the evilness of money but let me just say we would all be better off without it.

After combining these technologies we would soon start looking into how to add more and more machines into our day-to-day lives to make it simpler and simpler, nearly everything can be turned under the control of the machine.

I do not believe in the whole Terminator story, like I implieed before, I think there are two plausible times that follow:

3. The Second Space Age
We are already well under way into the Second Space Age. Whilst NASA is working on their new spaceships to get us off Earth and way past the moon, several commercial airlines are working on their space objectives. Namely Virgin Airlines that is already offering near-atmosphere flights.

I imagine it will be a time of space explaration and hopefully colonization. However…

4. Idiocracy
Technology will make us lazy so there might be a danger of people losing interest in education. In the world of idiocracy people used poor English, watched reality TV all day and were named after products which they consumed. Like this short paragraph.

Let me just say I prefer nuclear holocaust over idiocracy.