Boiled go-

What mommy does.
My mother does not really like to get involved in IT. She works as a manager at a country that deals with cleaning services. Her job consists of managing cleaning workers and janitors, so she does most of her work of the phone. The only remotely IT related thing is using excel files to check if all of her supplies have arrived and so on.What daddy does.
My father works at a company which imports computer technology and other electronics. As such, the involvement of IT is pretty major. The company itself is rather big, so it spans most of the Baltic. This means that the products that any one retailer wants to buy are located in another country. To solve the problem of shipping, the company has a database spanning all the countries. If someone makes an order on a product which isn’t in local sotrage, the order is sent via the system (sometimes through several countries for safety reasons), and the wanted product is sent where needed