What mom and dad do?

My mother is a professional seamstress. She sews all kinds of dance dresses for kids of all ages. The process usually goes like this. My mother gets a call from a client who has either heard of her sewing expertise or the client knows my mother. The client wants to order a dress and then tells my mother exactly what it should look like. The client describes the colours, patterns, accessories and other things he/she wants on the dress. Then my mother assigns a time the client has to come to her with her child in order to get measurements. Then if the measurements are taken she goes to chrisanne and orders the various fabrics needed for the dress. Then when the fabrics arrive she starts to make the dress and sometimes tries the dress on the child to fit it better around her. Then when the dress is ready my mother compiles a bill and sends it to the client via email and then she receives money.

My father is a manager of his own sewing company. He manages the phone calls, different orders and bills. It is quite a long process. At first he gets an email from a client of a new order. Then my father needs to decide if he is going to accept it or not. If he does then he answers the client and then the client sends him the fabrics plus the drawings for the various pieces of the products. Then my father gets a worker to gut out the various pieces of the product. Then the pieces will be brought to the seamstresses and they will sew the final product. Then the products have to be packed into boxes by my dad and he needs to bring them to the harbour on time. Then he contacts the client via email and lets him know what went well and what went wrong. Then he compiles a bill in excel and sends it to the client. Next he waits for feedback from the client. If everything is well he gets paid and if not then my dad needs to repair the products and then gets paid less. So the IT aspect is being in contact with the client and then compiling bills in excel and sending them. Sometimes he also needs to order things online like buttons and zippers.