First thing you notice is that you have a silly thing moving with you on the right which is a wall of text with a few pictures AND THE SILLY ADS NOW STICK WITH ME EVERYWHERE. Obviously it serves no purpose as you do not know whether to read the text in the middle or in the news feed. They could probably fix this if they did not make it stick with the window or make the left panel also move with the window so when scrolling only the middle part will change.(has a fix if you show the sidebar, but i do not like sidebar)
Also the news feed consists of one million people saying “happy birthday” which is plain stupid as I do not want to see silly people writing silly things because obviously these congratulations or what ever do not mean anything to anyone and are just idiotic. Well the lists addition (or was it an addition not quite sure), anyway this might be a good thing because this way you could choose the people whom you want to get news only, not about the guys who like everything and comment pointless things (also unsubscribe, or the checklist subscription are nice). But no dislike button so yeah, still pretty much useless. Also make the LOG OUT button maybe more visible, we do not want a world where you cannot leave or do negative things; dream on Facebook!