The new Facebook layout came to most users…

The new Facebook layout came to most users without a proper warning. The new features introduce new things which aren’t altogether too groundbreaking. Yet whilst using the site, they catch the eye almost immediately.

The first thing, of course, would be the  the tiny profile picture icon on the top. This is a kind of insignificant in the big picture. In  fact, the top bar now resembles google+, because it has been made a bit thinner and more streamlined. This has no actual practical benefit other than making the site look more stylish and web 2.0. All in all, a tiny improvement which makes the site look cooler, which is certainly worth something.

Secondly, there are new improvements in sorting posts and marking what is important. Now, each post has a “mark as top story” button on it, which Facebook claims, will result in similar stories being brought to the top of a user’s news feed. This can potentially be a really good improvement, since all of us may not want to know  someones grandmother’s cat had his second birthday. So the “Top story” feature may bring a lot more comfort into the life of the user.
Thirdly, the chat bar on the right of the screen has been cut in half. The upper half is now a live news feed. This is both a bit bad and a bit good. Good, because it improves how fast things can be posted on Facebook, because if you click on any item in the news feed, a little dialog box pops up, where you can comment on things. Certainly a good improvement for people who power-browse on Facebook. Yet, on the other hand, it may seem like a really complex wall of text to novice users on the Internet, which may prove to be a bit matrix-y and confusing.
There are probably more improvements, but these are the major ones. All in all, the improvements seem to make the site more useful and more comfortable to use. As well as more cool looking.  People might dispute the fact whether Facebook is taking innovations from other social networks, but everything seems to function well so far.

Boiled goose.