New Facebook

“Facebook is like a relationship, once you think you have it all figured out, everything changes.”

Change is good. The new Facebook update certainly shows that.

The pointless ‘Top stories’ and ‘Most recent’ have been integrated into something that works very well, and to reduce the clutter of ‘Most recent’ there is now a stream that covers everything that is going on. The ability to change what you think of as a ‘Top story’ is pretty nifty.

I now have only three fears. Firstly, due to my screen size the stream can get quite hectic when there is a lot going on. Secondly, the not-so-more-recent posts get lost since they will be in the bottom of the stream and not on the front page. Then again, it could technically be accessed via the ‘Notifications’ if it is somehow related to you. Thirdly, Facebook is obviously known to change updates like a teenager changes socks (once every two or three months) so I fear the design can now only go downhill.

I will not start comparing Facebook with Google+ or Twitter because why mock features that work very well?

In conclusion, if this update lasts longer than two or three months we might actually already have the perfect Facebook.