New Facebook layout

At first glance, the facebook page looks quite the same: the design, the buttons, color and so on. The changes emerge when one actually tries to do something. The setting buttons are changed, there is a small avatar for some unknown reasons there, where it used to be different setting options. Because of that logging out takes now more clicks with the mouse.
There also is a news stearm vol. 2 on the right side of the screen. The black outerbox, when viewing pictures, has been removed and been replaced with a slightly trasnparent box, that covers the whole screen. Also the “Recent news” and “Most popular” options for the live stream have been removed and replaced by a “top story” option.
The changes of the new facebook are quite insignificant and for my user habits, do not change practically anything.
For the end I’d like to quote a meme from the internet: “The only thing users want is a dislike button, Facebook changes everything else.”

Additional notes: The new live stream looks exactly like Google+