New facebook

I liked the previous design more because it was simple to use and there was no unnecessary clutter. I must admit though that one of the new features is quite impressive.

If I had to choose the best feature then it would be the news feed in the top corner. At first I thought why is it necessary but when I saw that upon hovering it you could see the entire update with comments. That is quite convenient but I’m still questioning whether it is actually needed because all of the new posts that friends make are showed in the notifications anyway. I am guessing that it is useful for those who spend most of their time on Faceboook and then see the new posts in the feed because when a friend posts something when your online then it does not show it in the notifications. For me it would not make a difference.

Another feature was that they changed the profile button into a button with your picture and name that goes straight into your wall. Then the other features were put into a small arrow such as the help center and log out. I think that this is somewhat practical but also not a must have update. It is not needed because if you wanted to access your wall then you could just click your name on the left. Now they just have two places to access the wall. The fact that the arrow hides the log out button is also quite stupid and should be given some more thought.

The third feature I noticed was that Facebook is now labeling the news into top and recent which adds absolutely no value because for me maybe the top news is not really top news. And I will not do anything with this knowledge that it is top news.

In conclusion I believe that the old design was good and easy to use and the new one just integrated some unnecessary clutter into the system. The only feature I found interesting was the news feed but even that is not very useful for me.