Era Essay(hope you fix my zero)

Yes there certainly will be an age after this one. The difference is that why do we exclude some era of history form another, the causes. That’s why I have three main views on what could be next.

The first one is rather optimistic and positive. Because humans are continually evolving onward, the information age just becomes too big and thus has to be separated into smaller pieces that are easier to follow. This categorizing can also be helped by the fact that technology is evolving onward and thus, at some point, can create a need for the separation. The technology that will be the catalyst will be most probably the name of that era, cause information era is already taken. So from this point of view, the next age will just come from necessity to organize are own history.

The second one is a more fight club-ish future, where the society will collapse on itself because of some crazy dudes(by accident or for the lulz) and bring down everything with it, leaving behind the skeleton of today’s society.

The third one is what I actually hope for and That is the contact with or arrival of Aliens. Though some expert thinkers like Stephen Hawkins have hypothesised on the possibility that the aliens who may arrive might not be friendly, then well….we would be firetrucked…so my hope is on the aliens will bring peace and prosperity and with it a new grand era for the human race..hopefully something like star wars, because I could use a lightsaber.

Brainstormed on my iPad