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There are two things in life one must have: health and an iPhone 4S. Why? The answer cannot be more simpler than the fact that more is better. First the price tag of iPhone 4S with no contract is $649 which is nothing considering what it offers in return. The selling point of iPhone 4S is the new ARM A5 dual-core processor which does not make it as fast as iPad 2 but it will handle game graphics a lot better than previous issues of iPhone. Another great improvement of course is the 5-way lens on the camera. It can now handle full HD video recording and taking photos at the same level as the regular professional cameras. iPhone 4S does not yet support Estonian interface but at least the Emoji language keyboard is supported. So those who do not like or cannot TALK to Siri which does not support any languages other than English, French and German, can use their fingers to input their messages to the mighty iPhone 4S in the language they prefer like Wubihua for example. Now coming back to the question we proposed in the beginning why are there only two things in life one must have, we can say that health is self explanatory as one cannot live without one. But what about iPhone 4S, first of all it is well known that all humans pursue happiness and as happiness is owning iPhone (source: we can say people with the newest iPhone are most certainly the happiest.

“Love is in the air.” People need love to be able to reproduce which is a key element of life. Now that iCloud is also in the air there is no room left for love. But why would one need love in the air if one can take a photo of the loved one and it would be automatically uploaded to Apple servers and it can be accessed from anywhere? The answer is love is now in iPhone 4S as it has all of ones games, photos, friends, secrets, movies – in one word all of ones entertainment. Therefore if everything is in iPhone 4S and it makes people happy then why does one wait and not purchase this miracle now.