iPhone four Steve!

As many of you may know a new product is soon to be unveiled by Apple the new iPhone 4s. People may wonder what is so special about this one then. Well hold on to your socks because your in for one hell of a ride. The iPhone for Steve is a revolutionary device with lots of new updated that make the previous ones inferior. The most noteworthy upgrade would be the usage of an artificial assistant named SIRI. Basically what this means is that the user will be constantly connected to his phone and will never forget things either. SIRI will make sure that all of your notifications and reminders are done on time, your messages received as soon as possible and so on. Productivity will go through the roof if you have a device that can actually organize everything on your daily schedule and help you keep track of various events. It sure as hell beats hiring a secretary with a monthly fee. The second new and impressive feature would be the new cloud that Apple has adopted the iCloud. Finally Apple also has a cloud that stores all of your necessary information such as mails, contacts, music, videos, documents and so on in a safe location just in case you loose something. So technically now you cannot loose any data because it is all stored in Apples servers and can be accessed form anywhere at any time. It is most definitely a great improvement in convenience and information safety. The iPhone 4 Steve also has a new and better processor. The A5 processor chip is the same one the iPad 2 is using which means that this device is extremely fast and handles graphics and multiple processing much better than the previous versions. The processing speed and also internet browsing is just breath taking. The new phone also has an improved camera of 8 MP which lets the user record full HD videos and take high quality pictures so it can be said that it replaces a good digital camera. The new lens on the camera adds more contrast and better quality to the picture and also has improved face detection. Thanks to all of these new updates it would seem that purchasing this new phone is a must for anybody who wants to stay up to date with the best product money can buy. It looks like the first million people who ordered it in the first 24 hours got the idea. Did you???