Why iPhone 4S is the best+(est^(n-1)) in our galaxy!

Listen up all you Apple fans. There is a new kid in town he is called iPhone 4S. The iphone 4S possesses the slick and ever popular design of the iPhone 4. Thus you can always pull it out in style, instantly becoming the center of attention in any given situation. The new and improved hardware of the masterpiece will allow the user to play games up to 7x faster than on the previous system. You can leave the users of the inferior iPhones to your dust, while playing the most demanding games out there. IPhone 4S will come with a brand new and innovative software called “Siri”. This ultimately realistic personal assistant will understand absolutely everything and provide you the answers within seconds. You can now send messages, set schedules and make calls totally HANDS FREE! Do you like to take pictures? If you said yes, the iPhone 4S is just for you. This excellent piece of technology gives the user a one of a kind view into the world of 8 000 000 pixels. Throw away all of your other equipment, because this phenomenal device is the most mobile and effective camera you will ever use! When you purchase the all new iPhone 4S, you will have exclusive access to the newest and greatest software in the world, which we call the iOS 5. It comes with over 200 new features specifically designed to work best on the iPhone 4S. You can now make use of various applications which will make your experience with the phone even better!

Ignore all others! Ignore the ridiculous price tag! Make your friends jealous and buy the Iphone 4S NOW!

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