Apple has established a certain system of releasing a product in every hmnhm months. Though everybody, including Hitler, expected the coming of the iPhone of the fifth version, Apple unrevealed the iPhone 4s. So what good does the new phone have, that customers should choose this model over any other awesome smartphone out there.

First of all to eliminate any other model, except the ones Apple provides, is the existence of iOS or even better, the iOS 5. This OS is just pure candy, it works smooth and has many features which make the usage of iDevices even more likeable. To this day I haven’t seen any other OS with the same level of user friendliness and smoothness.

The new iPhone is also equipped with the new voice command app named Siri. This is a very amazing app that lets you control your iPhone with words, as any other voice command app would do. But Siri is different, it interacts with you, it responds to you, it writes your email and so on, it’s just amazing. Because of this single element I would buy this phone.

Right now this phone represents the highest peak of where smartphones can evolve, so the importance in acquiring is purely up to the person. Do they want to use the best technological gadgets out there, or can they enjoy the fruits of the somewhat less awesome tech gadgets.