Why it is important to get an iPhone 4S(teve)?

With the recent passing of visionary and businessman Steve Jobs and the announcement of the new iPhone 4s, it would seem that the new phone is somewhat the relic of the late Jobs. Yet as with any reiteration of an Apple gadget, there is the question whether the new product has enough worthy improvements to consider it a must-buy product.
From a more sentimental side, buying the iPhone 4S would be like honoring a great visionary of technology. People tend to assume that all the products that apple releases have been personally designed by Steve. This understanding might not completely be right, but buying an iPhone 4s, or for that matter any apple product, is helping support Jobs’ vision and his legacy. So some more sentimental fans of the fruit company might indeed indeed consider it important to buy the new phone on basis of helping out the company and supporting Steve’s vision.
From a technological point of view, the new iPhone is a bit more of a discussion.  Purely on a technological basis, the phone is not that much of an improvement over the iPhone 4s. The 4s is indeed faster, or twice as fast as Apple would have you believe. The 4s does indeed have a better camera. Yet, there is no real breakthrough  in technology. With the iPhone 4, we were introduced to a phone which in its usability, design, and UI was and is magnitudes better than anything else on the market at the time. As with the iPhone 3Gs, the 4s just builds on the existing formula, which indeed is rather brilliant on its own. Still, this doesn’t give the iPhone 4s the merit to be called a must-have product.
Most all products that Apple produces have their own merit and their own area, in which they are outstanding. Yet, some are more outstanding than others. The first iPod for example. Yet the new iPhone 4s holds no such amazement and wonder. Therefore, it cannot be called something truly groundbreaking. Just a great improvement on the last version of the iPhone.