Pondering and mindlessly going about in the vast open fields of the internet, one cannot disregard the fact, that there are a lot of videos out there, which convey some form of future vision, thought up probably by the creativity and pass-time section(located near the vending machine) of major companies. They generally tend to look the same featuring white sleek metallic buildings, happy people who use their devices frustratingly slow, some piano and bass music for the background with the occasional guitar and of course holograms Everywhere. Because I had no better gameplan, I decided to go Cracked on this and make a list of the reasons, why companies invest in such a thing.

#1 Look like a company which looks forward

The main idea of these videos is to ponder about the future and the technology that will be available there. This is actually quite good that it shows, what are the future plans and visions in which the company is moving or is hoping to move. Thinking about new gadgets that are currently impossible to do, may also show, that the company has a group of pretty talented minds(those guys standing in line for the vending machine).
By being a company which looks forward also shows the confidence of the company and people leading it, that they will be going nowhere anytime soon. This brings reassurance trust to the investors and clients about the company and its management. So these videos can be actually considered as a PR trick, when you consider the corporate involvement in these videos.

#2 Placing objectives or goals

Though companies probably use the videos for PR, they still serve as and somewhat indication on the companies’ goals for the future products or outlooks. Though most of the videos show the same devices, kind of, like holograms and supers sleek and smart smarterthenyoursmart phones, they may just be considered as the goals for companies which have development teams which lack the ingenuity of developing and envisioning new more unique devices.

#3 Escape from the today’s world

Let’s face it, the everyday life is just too dull and mundane so why not just escape into the future, where the possibilities are endless. Holographic phones, self driving cars, a house equipped with Siri, the reasons for escape just keep on coming. Have you ever seen any future vision video, that showed that people are depressed and don’t appreciate the devices they have? For the sake of this argument, you have most probably not. This shows, that people who have envisioned these videos have put in their hopes and expectations. They have sort of escaped from the day to day world into something that is bright, clean, nice and worth of dreaming, something that most people probably enjoy to do, when they get the chance.