Why make future vision videos?

I believe that there is no point in making future vision videos that are too far in the future. Some of these videos are just so farfetched and look like something out of a science fiction movie. In these examples it was seen especially well.

The most realistic future vision video was with Kinect because this is actually doable. If you show a video of holograms all over the world and rooms then that does not look very realistic at least not in the near future. I mean it would be great if everything had holograms and were so east to control but technology does not advance so fast. Our technology is developing at great speed but not that great.

I think that these videos are made to show people that we are on our way into some hardcore technology in the future. It’s basically just to keep the peoples hopes up I guess and maybe make some of the really talented people try even harder to reach that future. It sort of emphasizes the fact that anything is possible if we just try. Past experiences also demonstrate that mobile phones were a exceedingly distant future but here we are with our iPhones and other touch screen devices.

Another reason why to make such videos is that the companies really do have certain goals that they want to reach and achieve. I mean what company does not want to be the first one to achieve hologram mobiles and other devices. So it can be concluded that this could be pure commercialism and consumerism. The companies really do not care about what happens in the future, they just want to get ahead of everyone else. If one company releases a video of the future then obviously other companies will not just stand by and watch it happen. They also need to upload a video of their future otherwise the other company seems to appealing to the consumer and then clients will be lost to the one who makes bigger promises.

All in all I think that there are a lot of reasons on why to make these future vision videos but I think that it is useless. If the technology really has advanced that far and the companies are actually ready to unveil such devices then videos of those devices will be made anyways. These videos will also have an actual effect on people because then they know that this will really happen and they have something to look forward to you. If you want to see some distant future science fiction just go and rent a movie or something.