Are specs relevant?

Specifications often abbreviated specs are an explicit set of requirements to be satisfied by a material, product, or service. In IT world specs are often associated with technical specifications a.k.a. tech specs. It is known that if a product does not fulfil the necessary specifications it cannot operate pleasingly. However the question is whether this is also true for IT world and are they really relevant?

Computer gaming is an increasingly growing phenomenon. It is known however that year by year all the games require more computing power. If it did not need this extra power the game would be pretty much like its predecessor. This extra power is an expense needed to be taken in order to have better graphics and more volatile game play. If to compare Battlefield and Call of Duty franchises it can be seen that the specs of these two games have not changed at the same rate. This is because Battlefield franchise is constantly improving the game play and making it more and more volatile. Call of Duty however has concentrated on a larger audience and make minor changes to the game play keeping the specs of new releases relatively similar to previous ones. Both of these games have sold millions of copies but it is a known fact that COD has been always more successful. This brings out the question whether the specs are really that relevant. Considering better game play they are but considering the success of the company they are not as more people have access to the product.

More is always better. When a person is asked how he would change the length of a day the answer would almost always be that a day needs more hours as he could manage more in a day that way. This is also true for specs as the more demanding the requirements the better the output would be. Usually better tech specs is directly related to better speed. This however leads to less time spent on computing and leaves the user with more time to deal with the things he actually needs. Therefore it can certainly be said that specs are relevant when it comes to saving time.

In conclusion specs are relevant when it comes to better experience and time saving. When new products are made they usually have the most recent technical requirements to represent that they are indeed fresh items. When it comes to companies then keeping the specs similar and irrelevant will be more successful as more and more users could enjoy their product. It is however difficult to pick which is more important: the success of a company or the development of the genius of mankind.