Are specs relevant.

When going to the store to buy oneself a new piece of computer hardware one has to always consider specs. Technological specifications are that, which show us what the machine is capable of and does it provide us everything that we need. So this kind of answers the question that, are specs relevant, because they are. So to develop this question, a add-on should be introduced, that are higher specs always needed, does the machine have to the best of the best all the time, according to specs?

As mentioned before, the power and capabilities expected from the machine purely depend on the needs of the user. For a work PC the specs can be quite average. Though it should be reminded that some level of power should always be met, so that the computer would not be slow and would a few years a head of it, so that when a new windows comes out for example, one wouldn’t have to buy a new computer. Also the computer should be fast enough, so that the user wouldn’t burn their nerves while waiting for that damn D*ll to fire up and start up the internet and then crash….so to avoid situations like that.

For playing games, well specs are very important. Not just to have the ability to play the game with good graphics, but also to not overstress the computer and likewise with the work computer, be ahead of its time, so that one could play never games after a few years also. This is specially important with gaming computers, since specifications for games grow much faster than overall specifications needed for a good work computer.

So far the spotlight is on PCs in general, but a good example to show, that specs are not always the most important things, would be the iPad(2) vs. all other tablets. When comparing the specs on these devices and then the user experience or popularity, then one can see that though specs are quite relevant, they surely don’t mean that a device with lower specs must perform lesser compared with the device with higher specs.

Specs therefore are quite relevant because nowadays there is probably every kind of PC(including Macs for sure) to suite the need of a person. But the need to have the highest specs is quite trivial, since higher specs do not always mean better experience.