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Copyright infringement is not something new: In fact it has existed long before the Internet. Internet just made it simpler. After the emergence of sites like Napster, which started to utilize the full capabilities of the Internet’s rapid sharing possibilities the difficulty of obtaining music, videos and movies became non-existent. Ever since these sites emerged different organizations(BSA) hand in hand with countries(USA) have tried to cut Internet piracy, and the people who practice it, down. The Swiss government lately went in the complete opposite direction, by assuring that it will keep Internet piracy, to the extent of obtaining stuff for personal use, legal.

Much of their decision lied on a study conducted by them, which actually showed that downloading is not nearly has harmful as the businesses claim it to be. In fact people who downloaded were more likely to buy games or go to concerts. So according to this study, Internet piracy is actually a good thing overall. In fact I have myself once downloaded a game and later bought it, because I liked it so much. Another reason was actually the multiplayer content, but I knew that the game is worth it. If I had not downloaded it before, I actually would not have bought the game for sure. So this thing actually works.

To be continued, I just could not write right now…I guess no brain juice.