One does not simply invent time machine

In the dark forest of the kingdom of the mighty rhinoceros right near the land of the invincible squirrel monsters, an unhappy sister of the lord of the Prince’s road was sitting in her pinkish yellow hall. It was at this time the master Sam Sung had fallen from the height of the quadrillion femtometres. From the unlikeliest of possibilities the heavy core of the Sam Sung which the sister knew as the memory of the master Sung was to be seen no more. All the sister could do was searching the endless planes of the World Wide Web, using the services of the ASUS located in the King’s hall of the lord of the Prince’s road. All she was enlightened by the queen of the Chrome of the was about the input device called Hard Disk Drive. Little was known about the infamous enemy called the Warranty Exclusions at this time. Nevertheless the journey through the labyrinths of the road works near the Argo lake to the official Hospitality de la Sam Sung was completed by the sister and her brave male ancestor. The frightful keeper of the rehab of the Sam Sung carefully examined all the exterior parts of the mighty PC, but failed to locate and reveal the mischievous fall of the Sam Sung from the unimaginable of heights. Little was mentioned to the keeper about the faltering of the Storage Device. However after long days of waiting the Sam Sung had recovered and was returned to the castle located not far from the Shrine of Tiskre. It was at this time the lord of the Prince’s road was accosted and told about the ordeals of the master Sam Sung. He let his mightiest of roars unleash but the poor sister of the lord did not understand why. Later it was unfortunately found that all the data from the memory of the poor Sam Sung was lost. It was indeed sad times at Prince’s road. Everyone relied on the lord of the castle to bring back the lost memory of the Sam Sung. After long hours of lectures by the lord on the topic of the hardware inside the Sam Sung, it was decided that everything was lost. One does not simply invent a time machine. Thus sister was left without the mighty data held by the Sam Sung and left with a powerful chest with an operating system called 7, Windows 7. All was gone as sister cried but help was needed before the mighty Sam Sung was to be attacked by the Trojan’s and Spies. All seemed to be lost in the battle of Antivirus until lord finally departed from his hall to join the frenzy. He walked past the towers of Internet Explorer to the gate of Chromium. With a mighty click on the button with the straight block letters which read DOWNLOAD he unleashed the protective cry of the Google. The battle was turned around and everything seemed to go uphill but at this very moment the mischievous Windows 7 decided to restart Sam Sung for software update. Everyone screamed in vain as Sam Sung woke up from its sleep in lightning speed and in no time the lord was once again exploring the lands of the Internet using the magical Chrome. He cast spells which opened more and more tabs and windows until the battle was won. There stood the Spybot, AVG and Defender all ready to block attacks from the blood lusting viruses and other parasites. It was the day of success as the allied forces of Photoshop, MSN, Office, Acrobat all appeared in the Sam Sung. It was magical indeed and once again the lord of Prince’s road had helped the sister out of her misery.