Le story

For score and 896 days ago an immense darkness filled the land of Mustamäe tee 143 apartment 15. At the beginning it seemed like any other day, quite quiet, mesmerizingly snowing. This epic tale begins to unravel at the struck of 3 o’clock. The small little goblin of apartment 15 had the audacity to turn on the oldest and wisest machine of the entire kingdom. The creaking sounds of one decade could almost be felt in the air. As the wondrous metal wizard was activating its Intel CPU with 700 MB of RAM and virtually no video card for 30 minutes the little goblin went red with rage. She thrust an insane roundhouse kick to the computer and immediately sent a message pigeon to the high chieftain of the kingdom.

The high chieftain got a message saying that the great wizard is fading away into the darkness. This posed a problem that was pondered upon for days when finally a decision was made. With the use of telepathic signals through the mobile devices the lord of the realm contacted the familys last hope to save this dire situation. The task was to travel across the land into the mythical kingdom of Arvutikeskus and scavange the lands for new components so that the wizard could be resurected form the afterlife. The quest to find the best spine (motherboard), stomach (harddrive) memory, brain (central processing unit) and eyes (graphics cars) proved to be a strenuous one. The greatest obstacle of all was the small puch of gold that limited the haggling with the bloodsucking demons. Finally after hours of search the adventure had been completed and the journey back could begin.

Upon reaching the domain of the high chieftain the main quest could begin: the resurrection ritual of the great one. This meant that all of the parts had to be placed in the right spots and connected to eachother so that all of the necessary functions would initiate. Otherwise all of the veins (buses) and essential holes (bays) would not work properly. As noone knew how this delicate work needed to be carried out then the task naturally fell upon me to accomplish. First off the carcas was opened up on the side and all of the previous level components were striped form it to make room for the new ones. Firstly then the spine was positioned into the carcas. Next the brain and memory were placed on top of it accompanied by the eyes into the right socket. Now that everything was placed perfectly the nervous system (wires) had to be connected to the spine for it to work like it should. After many hours of excruciating work the body was finished. Now the input devices needed to be connected to the body sa that the humble peasents seeking information form the wizard could write to it what they wanted. Also the output needed connecting because the no mere mortal speaks the dead language of binary. The moment of truth was at hand. With the pressing of one button the fate of the kingdom would be decided. I kneeled down in honour of the great one and most humbly did I press the power button. The ritual had begun and within a few seconds the monitor had a message form the wizard which sai “Welcome back”.

I now summoned the little goblin who had started this epic tale in the first place and let her communicate with the new wizard. She was speechless at the new great ones uncomprehensable speed and power that she burst out in joy. From this day onward I was praised as a hero and given a feast fit for kings. Whenever a kingdom is in need of a resurrection of the great one, I will be there to see the task through.