The Quest

On the Year Twenty-Hundred-Ten-and-One of our Saviour the Great Dark Malice did arise once again. The Birthgiver of the One-That-Lacks-Motivation, and the one to have writ the Scroll that lies in thine hand, was indeed in peril once again. It must have been the co-owner of the Firm that hath produced a proposition: a shining new Laptop produced by the long forgotten wizards of the IBM. Indeed did She fall into temptaion. Indeed was the Laptop purchase motion put forth. Indeed did problems arise.

It was a proposition of Her’s that the transferring of the Files be made by the One-That-Lacks-Motivation. Foolishly, nay, graciously did he indeed agree to the proposition. The Laptop was produced forth him. Oh yes there were nay-sayers, oh yes did they doubt in the ‘mad skillz’.

What was needed was to be accomplish was the Great Transfer of Files and the Downgrade of Office that, and I quote the words that were heard on that day: “Liiga keeruline, ma ei tea kus mis asi on. Ma pole harjunud selle uue asjaga.” Indeed there were counter-arguments produced. Indeed did in the end the Voice of Habit beat the Voice of Reason.

Before the One-That-Lacks-Motivation was given the Laptop and the Desktop.

First, the installation of the bluish safe File keep and storage of the Dropbox-kin was made complete on both of the digital computer. Then followed the file upload and the inevitable file download. And he saw that it was good.

Second, the Downgrade of the Office Twenty-Hundred-Seven was made. This was indeed instantly followed by the inevitable installation of the Office Twenty-Hundred-Three. And he saw, reluctantly, that it was good.

Third, as an Act of Kindness, was the Viewport-by-the-serial-number-of-Seven changed aesthetically and functionally to be quite similar to that of the Viewport-by-the-name-of-Experience. An act made in secret.

Indeed were these tasks completed with great haste and success. Indeed was the One-That-Lacks-Motivation regarded as a Saviour in the eyes of his Birthgiver. Indeed was the nay-sayer, the Boss, filled with Great Surprise.

This concludes the Quest.