The Ban

The Tallinn Technic University instituted a ban on the use of computers, iPads and smartphones. The two main reasons on this move seem to be that, firstly the students spend too much time on other activities like browsing entertainment sites, and secondly because Harvard has a similar ban. The university also has, keeping in mind those that actually use the devices to take notes, proposed alternatives like self-discipline and limiting the WiFi-accesibilty during lectures.

I do not have a view on this issue sice it does not impact me. However from this neutral standpoint I can see it as a reasonable solution that the university took. Indeed, it could be argued that, in reference to the name of the university, the situation is a bit ironic; then again the lectures are about the theoretical side of whatever the student is studying – no actual practical work is done during the lecture which removes the need for the devices. But then it could be argued that, in reference to the name of the university, why should they use pen and paper?

In the end it all comes down to the supreme authority of whoever is running the university and grades, apparently, directly show the prestige and value of the university. Removing the factors that cause drops in grades should, in theory, increase the grades. We can only wait and see what happens.