Ban ALL the gadgets??

Some university’s have reached a decision of banning all technological gadgets form lectures and classrooms. They claim that pupils do not concentrate enough in class because they are using their iPads, computers or smartphone to browse news sites, chat in social networks or for other entertainment purposes. Is this sort of conduct fair to all the students?

I believe that in most cases it is quite unfair. First off if this ban is given out then not only do the lazy students suffer but also the ones that are taking  down notes in their computers. Secondly some people find it difficult to write on plain paper because they can’t keep up or loose track of their progress. With a computer a person can write much faster and more comfortably. Also there is the possibility of sharing notes with others via email or even a Bluetooth connection in class which makes it easier for the absentees to catch up.

I also have to sympathize with the schools decision because a lot of students actually are that lazy in class that they are only playing and not concentrating. Later on they get bad grades and are bringing the schools reputation down. Due to these problems it does seem reasonable to ban technological innovations form class. But that is the only reason to ban them, there are no other downsides of having it with you.

Therefore I think that this solution is definitely not the best one and the right one. I believe that the problem would be solved more efficiently if to limit the WiFi connection as the research showed most students are spending their time on the web. This would be a much fairer solution so that all of the students and school benefit.