No more tech gadgets during lecture ok or no?

Recently Tallinn University of Technology (TUT) prohibited the use of all technical gadgets by students from its lectures. It seems like a harsh decision but are actions against the use of devices justified?
Numerous researches have been done and it has been found that laptops, iPads and other gadgets are mostly used for entertainment purposes during lectures than for taking notes. Thus, it seems that all the devices prohibit students from gaining new knowledge and participating in the lecture. However it is doubtable whether the banning is the way forward as a lot of people who actually use IT devices for taking notes are also punished. Considering the events happening in the IT world at the moment it seems that banning is the way forward. This is due to the laws (ACTA, SOPA, PIPA) that target the illegal/unwanted deeds, meantime affecting the legal and necessary actions. Therefore, seeing that governments are taking radical actions universities should also take radical measures to ensure the welfare of everybody. It can be argued that the university’s society should be somewhat more advanced and should know what is right without making restrictive laws but as history has shown not all students are in the university to study. Thus, to ensure that tax payers’ money does not go to waste and all students get the necessary education radical measures have to be taken despite limiting the ones willing to study.
As harsh it may seem banning use of all technical gadgets from lectures is a good way forward as it saves students’ and lecturers’ time and tax payers’ money. After all those who cannot cope with the new rules should not be going to the university as this is not the place the society wants them to be.