Today (01.02.12) the Tallinn Technical University announced that it will prohibit any use of technical gadgets during lectures. The reason was that students were not using their gadgets for study purposes, but rather for entertainment during lectures.

It seems right away, that the university has not taken into consideration the needs of the students and have just chosen the easy way out. Students who are used to working with computers are put into a disadvantaged position where they must now develop new organizational skills in order to successfully taking notes on paper. This also means that later these students have a harder time studying for exams, since their notes are recorded onto different mediums. Thus a sort of inequality is produced.

Another concern is that the decision is based on a global research, not a local one. The university has made decisions based on general conclusions and this is quite problematic, since every problem is unique, no matter if the establishments are all universities or not.

The most depressing side of this news is that it is a Technical university. Thus from the name one would expect a more IT solution, like prohibiting Wifi access or some other filtering, not choosing 19 century tactics and just banning everything