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  • Erik-Silver Toomere 14:01 on February 1, 2012 Permalink |  

    The Ban 

    The Tallinn Technic University instituted a ban on the use of computers, iPads and smartphones. The two main reasons on this move seem to be that, firstly the students spend too much time on other activities like browsing entertainment sites, and secondly because Harvard has a similar ban. The university also has, keeping in mind those that actually use the devices to take notes, proposed alternatives like self-discipline and limiting the WiFi-accesibilty during lectures.

    I do not have a view on this issue sice it does not impact me. However from this neutral standpoint I can see it as a reasonable solution that the university took. Indeed, it could be argued that, in reference to the name of the university, the situation is a bit ironic; then again the lectures are about the theoretical side of whatever the student is studying – no actual practical work is done during the lecture which removes the need for the devices. But then it could be argued that, in reference to the name of the university, why should they use pen and paper?

    In the end it all comes down to the supreme authority of whoever is running the university and grades, apparently, directly show the prestige and value of the university. Removing the factors that cause drops in grades should, in theory, increase the grades. We can only wait and see what happens.

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    The Quest 

    On the Year Twenty-Hundred-Ten-and-One of our Saviour the Great Dark Malice did arise once again. The Birthgiver of the One-That-Lacks-Motivation, and the one to have writ the Scroll that lies in thine hand, was indeed in peril once again. It must have been the co-owner of the Firm that hath produced a proposition: a shining new Laptop produced by the long forgotten wizards of the IBM. Indeed did She fall into temptaion. Indeed was the Laptop purchase motion put forth. Indeed did problems arise.

    It was a proposition of Her’s that the transferring of the Files be made by the One-That-Lacks-Motivation. Foolishly, nay, graciously did he indeed agree to the proposition. The Laptop was produced forth him. Oh yes there were nay-sayers, oh yes did they doubt in the ‘mad skillz’.

    What was needed was to be accomplish was the Great Transfer of Files and the Downgrade of Office that, and I quote the words that were heard on that day: “Liiga keeruline, ma ei tea kus mis asi on. Ma pole harjunud selle uue asjaga.” Indeed there were counter-arguments produced. Indeed did in the end the Voice of Habit beat the Voice of Reason.

    Before the One-That-Lacks-Motivation was given the Laptop and the Desktop.

    First, the installation of the bluish safe File keep and storage of the Dropbox-kin was made complete on both of the digital computer. Then followed the file upload and the inevitable file download. And he saw that it was good.

    Second, the Downgrade of the Office Twenty-Hundred-Seven was made. This was indeed instantly followed by the inevitable installation of the Office Twenty-Hundred-Three. And he saw, reluctantly, that it was good.

    Third, as an Act of Kindness, was the Viewport-by-the-serial-number-of-Seven changed aesthetically and functionally to be quite similar to that of the Viewport-by-the-name-of-Experience. An act made in secret.

    Indeed were these tasks completed with great haste and success. Indeed was the One-That-Lacks-Motivation regarded as a Saviour in the eyes of his Birthgiver. Indeed was the nay-sayer, the Boss, filled with Great Surprise.

    This concludes the Quest.

  • Erik-Silver Toomere 10:56 on January 20, 2012 Permalink |  

    Case Study points 

    Original problems:
    The frogs:

    • too much manual labour
    • too much software
    • no actual booking software
    • no overview of money-related gubbins

    The Übermench:

    • IT guys wised up and left
    • ancient soft/hardware
    • user UNfriendly system
    • reports are too technical
    • lack of web 2.0


    • unified ticketing system
    • box office ticket collection w/ identification
    • user friendly system FOR the theater
    • user friendly site for visitors
    • multi-language support
    • deadline of 1 March 2014 (under 2 years)
    • cross-browser support

    Features for solution:

    • data migration
    • web-based content management system
    • customer relationship management
    • sales and data analysis
    • INTEGRATED online bookings, telephone bookings and those made from the booking offices
    • multi-language system
    • user-friendly system
    • support for ancient people
    • ‘suppliers of ticketing systems’
    • database
    • ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability)
    • database data-migration
    • human readable output

    Real world examples:

    • contact Forum Cinemas AS and ask how their ticket system works
    • contact the cinemas in Solaris and ask how their ticket system works
  • Erik-Silver Toomere 11:51 on December 8, 2011 Permalink |
    Tags: awesome, , , internet, internetmachtfrei, swiss   

    Please discuss the reasons and possible outcomes of the Swiss decision 

    I believe their decision is a very brilliant one. Piracy is not a game-killer, it is a game-changer. Piracy has become a way to evaluate products before a decision is made whether the product is even worth the money. For example, with video games if a person downloads a game they only have access to single player. If they begin liking the game they have the option to purchase it for keeps. However if the game is shit, they can uninstall it and forget about it. Same applies for movies. If a person likes the movie, they will either go to the cinema to watch it or buy the DVD or both! No money lost, more gained.

    The only reason why The Man tries to turn piracy illegal is fear of losing money when they make a shitty fifth sequel to a shitty movie that failed to bring in money anyway. Like the article says: adapt or die. And it’s time to die. All the actions that we have witnessed take place are the last breaths of a dying monster that tries to lash out before going down forever never to rise again. Good riddance.

    Another positive side, like the article mentioned, is that start-ups and indie products get more coverage. A very fine example is Minecraft, the creator of Minecraft, Markus Persson (Notch) who said that he does not care when his game is downloaded since there is no way to stop it, he is just glad that people care enough to download it, sure as an indie game it would be nice to get money for it – oh wait, he totally does.

    A possible outcome? To put it short: the future. What I mean is a completely open society, a kind that Zeitgeist predicts. A sort of mix between Communism and Nationalsocialism leaving out the evil factor: money. This also means that software and hardware wise all the sharing is made free at speeds that come close to that of South-Korean Starcraft tournament.

    Of course the main evil here that can mess things up is the glorious country of United States. Not only have they legalised different policies that seem very that of Nazi Germany-esque. It seems like the greatest enemy in the US are the citizens. And now they are in a sense blocking off Internet-access. Very North Korea of you, you big bully. Again, like the article mentioned, UN says the Internet is a human right, probably there is an asterisk somewhere that says, in font 1, “excluding United States”, that is how it seems like now.

    Anyway in conclusion, my hopes are that all the countries will soon experience the freedom that can now be found in Switzerland. Then we are one step closer to world peace. Seriously.

    • Paavo Viilup 12:23 on December 8, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Write a proper introductory sentence/paragraph, at the moment you start from the middle.

      • Erik-Silver Toomere 12:19 on December 15, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Sorry, escaped from loud music, did not check blog

    • Joel L 13:00 on December 13, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      “If a person likes the movie, they will either go to the cinema to watch it or buy the DVD or both!”

      Do that often?

      The first half is somewhat reasonable, and then you flip and start on a MONEY IS EVIL rant. You might not like US policies, but how is this related to anything?

      You state that if “software and hardware wise all the sharing is made free”, a glorious future will follow. How? How will things be made without money?

      • Erik-Silver Toomere 12:22 on December 15, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Cinema: yes, DVD: once or twice in a decade;
        Money is evil, US policies have a diabolic way of spreading into other countries;
        Simple answer: machines, hook everything up to machines are work becomes a hobby;

    • Paavo Viilup 08:56 on December 15, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      How is the idea of utopia of any help when it comes to currently relevant issues. “I read a book about a wonderful new world” is not the same as “this is what should be done right now”.

      • Erik-Silver Toomere 12:24 on December 15, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Because right now, or rather a year ago, to quote THE Anonymous: “People are afraid of their government, governments should be afraid of their people” and thankfully this is happening right now. A great change is coming and you better believe it.

        • Joel L 09:48 on December 16, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          Your task was to write about legalizing piracy, and you creep into a rant about money being evil.

          If you think the US is so corruptive, don’t just whine about it, but stop using Facebook, Twitter and other US-made services.

          You watch hollywood-made movies, and then flame about them being evil.

          You seem to to be very passionate about your ideas, but are in reality too lazy and comfortable to actually change even your own lifestyle. Rather hypocritical.

  • Erik-Silver Toomere 06:40 on November 18, 2011 Permalink |

    A short paragraph on Specs 


    For a normal computer user? No, not really.
    What I mean is, that the most important question for a normal user usually is “Can it run Word?” or they just buy a MacBook Pro and use Pages all day long. There is no actual need for specs since they will not be using the device to its fullest potential.

    For somebody that call himself a gamer? Hell yes.
    Personally, I’m in a situation where I have to through the games specs and see if my CPU or graphics card can handle the game. You just lost the game.

    That is all.

    • Paavo Viilup 08:24 on December 4, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      There’s not much to evaluate here, unfortunately.

    • Joel L 15:45 on December 4, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Also, I would say that the Internet is a much much more important application than Word. 400 million people use Facebook every day.

      HD video, flash ads, animations, real-time web apps, etc require a lot more resources than word processing does.

      “Can it run Word?” has been replaced by “Can it run my favorite web sites?”

  • Erik-Silver Toomere 02:42 on November 4, 2011 Permalink |

    Why make future vision videos? 

    The point of making future vision videos: is there a point?

    I can not decide if there is a point or not. On the one hand it is quite entertaining to watch them because, let’s be honest, they are well made.
    Some of the future vision videos that I can name off the top of my head are Microsoft Kinect’s, Microsoft Surface’s, Microsoft’s general future vision, Blackberry’s future vision, Touchscreens of the future, 1987 Apple Future Navigator and the list goes on.
    It’s like the Minority Report world: all crime is removed with the help of precrime department and everybody gets 20 minutes of peace and quiet during the technology-blaring day. Every surface is a touchscreen, or a motion-controlled device (like Kinect) and connects to your personal devices displaying your information for everybody to see – hey, no crime!
    What is noteworthy in the case of Apple is that their vision came true, about 20 years later but it is still a piece of technology that we can go and buy right now.

    On the other hand, they are very rather silly. Bad-silly.
    I mean seriously, how possible is the removal of crime and vandalism? I’m sure a lot of you have seen Demolition Man, another fine example of the white, Apple-esque future where the police is only a traditional thing of the past.
    Also, concerning Microsoft Surface future vision: the technology is released, how come we don’t have MS Surfaces everywhere like promised?
    And for the other future visions, even when following Moore’s law, it’s still going to take 20-something years to achieve these dreams. Pipe dreams even.

    In conclusion, sure, it’s nice to have these future vision videos but as long as the companies producing them don’t move from the ‘What if?’ genre to the ‘In 20 years, this is what you ARE going to get!’ genre, we will never see this technology.

  • Erik-Silver Toomere 17:00 on October 12, 2011 Permalink |
    Tags: , wednesdayessay   

    3GS vs 4S 

    As a 3GS user I feel that it’s very necessary to upgrade to iPhone 4S. I actually have number of reasons.

    Firstly, the Apple A5 processor. What this gives me is the power of iPad 2 in a smaller device, technically it should mean I have more power than the iPad 2. This in turn means that 4S will run iOS 5 better than 3GS, however iOS 5 on 3GS is something I still have to test.

    Secondly, Siri. It seems like an interesting and fun thing to play with and could actually turn out to be quite useful if it indeed works like the ads show. If it does then the lazyness factor will actually boost my productivity – constant connection with my phone seems like science fiction, the future is now! Only drawback is that you will be having constant one-sided conversations with yourself – in the public.

    Thirdly, my 3GS has near-totally replaced my digital camera, however my 3GS lacks stabilization and flash thus leading to lower picture quality when compared with the sigital camera. 4S will fix that problem – higher quality pictures in every aspect whilst keeping the comfortable size.

    • Paavo Viilup 17:25 on December 6, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      But is it all worth the money, that’s the real question. In hindsight, I don’t think you have upgraded yet?

      What does it mean to have more power than the iPad 2? How will the laziness factor improve productivity? Will Siri make you work on your ITGS project with greater haste? If yes, then maybe you just volunteer to become somebody’s slave, as clearly you lack any desire to motivate yourself and are completely dependant on external motivation?

  • Erik-Silver Toomere 05:55 on September 30, 2011 Permalink |
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    Wednesday Introducing the revamped Essay Mondays Essay Wednesdays… 

    Wednesday – Introducing the revamped Essay Mondays: Essay Wednesdays!
    Thursday – Project work/help/collaboration
    Friday – Since it is the morning: Braindead Fridays where we touch the soft side of ITGS

  • Erik-Silver Toomere 06:23 on September 23, 2011 Permalink |

    New Facebook 

    “Facebook is like a relationship, once you think you have it all figured out, everything changes.”

    Change is good. The new Facebook update certainly shows that.

    The pointless ‘Top stories’ and ‘Most recent’ have been integrated into something that works very well, and to reduce the clutter of ‘Most recent’ there is now a stream that covers everything that is going on. The ability to change what you think of as a ‘Top story’ is pretty nifty.

    I now have only three fears. Firstly, due to my screen size the stream can get quite hectic when there is a lot going on. Secondly, the not-so-more-recent posts get lost since they will be in the bottom of the stream and not on the front page. Then again, it could technically be accessed via the ‘Notifications’ if it is somehow related to you. Thirdly, Facebook is obviously known to change updates like a teenager changes socks (once every two or three months) so I fear the design can now only go downhill.

    I will not start comparing Facebook with Google+ or Twitter because why mock features that work very well?

    In conclusion, if this update lasts longer than two or three months we might actually already have the perfect Facebook.

  • Erik-Silver Toomere 11:07 on September 22, 2011 Permalink |


    My mom works at a webshop.
    Basically what happens from the IT side of view is:
    1. Client orders something from ahoi.ee
    2. Mom gets a notification in her mailbox
    3. She then goes to the administration program to take a closer look at the order
    4. After that she has to compile 3 e-mails, one to the warehouse, and the two to specialized firms that sell specific products
    5. At the end of the day she sends the e-mails and compiles a fourth one for the driver so that he can compile his schedule for the next day

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