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    Yes certainly we are headed into a next… 

    Yes, certainly we are headed into a next age, but there are infinite possibilities what will happen to the human race. There are at least 4 possibilities that I can think of:

    1. Age of Downfall (Fallout-esque age)
    The growing tensions in the Middle East and the Pacific region mean that we are living in a tense time. And it is getting more tense all the time. Like the gunpowder barrel that Europe was on the dawn of the First World War I fear we might be on the verge onto the Third.

    The important question that remains are the weapons that are chosen. If one side decides to use nukes we can most likely kiss goodbye to one-third of the planet whilst the second-third lives in a perpetually hotter and hotter climate.

    Let me just say it is nasty and hopefully we will steer clear of it.

    2. Age of Machines
    One thing I foresee happening really quickly, if we do not blow ourselves up, is the rise of machines, and not in that Terminator type of way. For example in Estonia we are usually greatly surprised if we can not use our credit cards to pay for something in a shop, in Japan people are surprised when there is no machine from which to buy their tickets, drinks or even food. Now, if we were to couple the machines from Japan with the technology we use in Estonia then we would already remove physical money. And I believe that is the most important step for humans. I will not dwelve into the topic of the evilness of money but let me just say we would all be better off without it.

    After combining these technologies we would soon start looking into how to add more and more machines into our day-to-day lives to make it simpler and simpler, nearly everything can be turned under the control of the machine.

    I do not believe in the whole Terminator story, like I implieed before, I think there are two plausible times that follow:

    3. The Second Space Age
    We are already well under way into the Second Space Age. Whilst NASA is working on their new spaceships to get us off Earth and way past the moon, several commercial airlines are working on their space objectives. Namely Virgin Airlines that is already offering near-atmosphere flights.

    I imagine it will be a time of space explaration and hopefully colonization. However…

    4. Idiocracy
    Technology will make us lazy so there might be a danger of people losing interest in education. In the world of idiocracy people used poor English, watched reality TV all day and were named after products which they consumed. Like this short paragraph.

    Let me just say I prefer nuclear holocaust over idiocracy.

    • Paavo Viilup 06:35 on October 1, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      While I like your approach, I think the outcome is not what it could be. Please spend more time to hone your writing products into sharp tools, do not let them become blunt clubs of lost chances.

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    What I know that I can do Softcore… 

    What I know that I can do:

    • Softcore IT support (my mom is a frequent client)
    • Basic HTML
    • Basic CSS
    • General annoyance

    What I believe I can do:

    • Mediumcore IT support (w/ Google)
    • Bit more complicated HTML

    What I am miserable at:

    • PHP
    • CSS
    • Databasae
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    HALLO, I AM TAAVI numero DUOS 

    please make feedback on me

    • Erik-Silver Toomere 09:50 on May 31, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Dear Taavi, over the time we have been together in this classroom I have noticed a few things, be they positive or negative. Here it goes: I have noticed you write good, solid and most important of all! long essays; they are filled with great ideas and, sometimes humor. You are also very helpful that’s always great!
      However like every coin has two sides there’s also something negative about you. And I mean that literally you are probably like the second coming of Satan or in an evil cult or something/somewhere like that; what I’m trying to say is that you a scary maaaan! I understand that having to bothersome emotional connections is great but from I personal experience I can say you should socialize a bit more! be more open! make all nice!
      Otherwise a solid 72 out of 10!

    • Brent 09:52 on May 31, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      You’re a swell guy. You make good essays. Mayhaps a little bit too quiet, but otherwise OK!

    • Sander 09:54 on May 31, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      The good.
      You’re rather obvoiusly the smartest one of the bunch. Luckily you’re not shy in helping us morons out with out code writing assignments. Also, cool to have around the Paffcave. Good job, mate!

      The bad
      Probably the devil

    • alex 10:16 on May 31, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      You are most assuredly the smartest one in the class because you finish everything much faster than the others which is quite positive. You offer help in fixing things but you do it in such away that practically no words are expressed and then nobody understands anything. Sometimes it’s easier to explain everything as simply as possible. The level in your essays has decreased in my opinion which is a pity. When it comes to coding then it seems as if you know everything already. You should maybe try to speak more in the lessons and join the discussions because if you are really reticent then you leave a ominous image of yourself.

    • Silver 10:18 on May 31, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      + great essays
      + Coding master
      + The google expert
      – make more joke
      (I may or may not add more)

    • Taavi 17:16 on May 31, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      You are Taavi

  • Erik-Silver Toomere 09:41 on May 31, 2011 Permalink |

    Erich vonWunderschnitzel 

    Preasu I require-u feedubacku-desu!

    • Paavo Viilup 09:56 on May 31, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Here we go.

      You DO NOT put enough effort into your essays and, especially, presentations. This I know, because occasionally there are bursts of brilliance, but these occur all too infrequently. Also, it seems you give up too easily when things become (in your opinion) too hard. It’s almost like you read the first line of code and throw your hands up in the air in desperation even though the answer is actually quite simple and does not require THAT much effort in the end.

      All in all, you tend to write well (important for the exam), but you must make your analyses “deeper” and more thorough.

      On a scale of A-C, I would rate your effort with a “C”, meaning there is a lot of room for improvement.

    • alex 09:57 on May 31, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      You are very talented at goofing off in class. Maybe you should cut down on the jokes a notch and focus on the lesson also. I mean jokes are great and all but too much will score you nothing. You have shown progress with the essays in the sense that you have finished them first. Your creative writing style adds a lot to the essay but in my opinion you should include more IT aspects into the actual topic. The coding lessons have not gone very smoothly for you recently. You should put more effort into that and not the creative writing aspect.

    • Silver 09:57 on May 31, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      + Presentations are interesting
      + Essay aka prose is entertaining => go join a literary club or sth, you’d do well
      – There usually isn’t much dept to your essays/ presentations => less prose, more information
      (I might think of more later)
      – Douchebag
      – Try to lessen your cybrespace footprint

    • Sander 10:15 on May 31, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      THE GOOD
      THE BAD

      • Erik-Silver Toomere 10:18 on May 31, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply


    • Taavi 17:21 on May 31, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Your ability to start saying something really important



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    And so it ends, only to begin again 

    And thus the cosmical event was drawing to an end. Event which can only be witnessed once in two millennia. We were the few who were to witness it. Before us no one had seen it nor will no one for the next 2000 years. If there will be anyone remaining that is. We stared at it. We were awestruck. No one dared say a word. Not because they were afraid to ruin the moment, simply no one could say a word. Our throats were clenched shut, our bodies struggled to breathe the sweet air; our minds preoccupied with the observation of what later was only to be known simply by the name of Cosmical Event 241.

    I hereby announce that -name redacted- is now a fully sanctioned and legalized firm.

    Proxima-7 CE-241 will be a regular CE. They don’t need to know about the riff-raff found on the Uninet!

    Al-Qaeda has taken full responsibility for the attacks on the…

    Today a South-Korean frigate was sunk by a mysterious torpedo fired from…

    President -redacted- will be meeting with President -redacted- and President -redacted- today to speak of changing the nature and scale of warfare in what was once known as Africa.

    What surprised everybody was the fact that humans didn’t run into aliens. In actuality we’ve met at least 43 different alien races, the Tri-Government just decimated them, took the technology and claimed it as their Discovery. However via Uninet rumours and photographic evidence spread that indeed there have been alien races, that they all prophesied their end and that after, which now we know by the aforementioned name of Cosmical Event 241 we the humans would find… something that could match us and end us.

    We have picked up certain… events taking place in random places in the universe. What should we do about them?

    It is amazing! We are all witnessing the beginning of a time of peace!

    This is 6-1, come in Alpha Base.
    Alpha Base here, reading you loud and clear 6-1.
    Roger. Alpha Base, we have arrived at P-SS4-P7, how copy?
    Copy. ETA of CE24… 1 is… T minus 2 Mikes.
    Affirmative, T minus 2 Mikes, clocks synced. 6-1 out.
    Clocks synced, gear active and… Cap, we are picking up radiation!
    Settle down, is it within acceptable boundaries?
    Uh… yes-yes it is, sorry.
    No worries, understandable surprise. Not like you trained for 2 years or anything…
    Oh shut up. T minus 1 Mike.
    I don’t think it’s going to get bumpy but maybe we should get into the har-
    Alpha Base here, 6-1 the tear opened up earl-
    6-1 remember your training, if you follow the Emergency Protocol 1 you should be fine.
    Come in 6-1. 6-1? 6-1 come in! COME IN 6-1!

    I think we lost 6-1, deep space scan for 6-1 when the event closes.

    We need to form special teams to seek out the CE’s!

    Why so hushed? Because Cosmical Event 241 was immediate proof which would have destroyed not one but three Universal Corporations or like they are fond of calling themselves: the Tri-Government Universal Union. The three corporations are ancient, they all found their beginning in the start of the 21st century, of course then no one would have believed that three little firms would evolve into corporations, that they would split the world into three, wage war for three centuries without actually decimating each other and then in a total turn of events and as a huge surprise they would join, blast off into space and start a de jure Millennia of Peace and Discovery which de facto meant that the human race turned into religious zealots that followed the simple religious principles of the Tri-Government and followed every order.

    CE-241 was another deep space event which can not be explained by modern technology.

    They don’t need to know about it.

    So the Tri-Government made The Six. Six scout ships filled with six crew members each who would check and observe Cosmical Events which could be detected by the state of the art technology. Of course their mission was classified but the First of The Six have now arrived at the edge of the Pegasus Sub-System 4 near the uncolonized and dead planet Proxima-7, here they will soon bear witness to the Cosmical Event 241. Here they will find the beginning to The End, and when it begins, The End will only be the beginning again.

    • Erik-Silver Toomere 10:16 on May 30, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      It’s okay if reading this will make your brain hurt. I went Brostadamus on it.

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    Is it all (ITGS; ICT; web apps; computers; bits and bytes) worth it? Wouldn’t it be better to move into a hut deep in the forest, read poetry and hunt for food? Do discuss! 


    For this question at hand there is a very simple answer: no. However looking at our modern world and the dependency on technology and all the dangers looming over us we may very well die any day – with or without warning; I will list a few: solar flares, zombie apocalypse, nuclear warfare. Note that the three mentioned have one thing in common: death of technology. For this I have devised a plan, the “How to Survive now that the Internet will be Gone for a rather very-very-very-very-VERY long Time”-plan.
    Note: If you are a person in the distance future (it’s 2011 currently, for reference IF you still use calendars) then this book/scroll/stone slab may or may not help you.

    CHAPTER I – death from above, or how I learned to fear the flare

    Sun – it gives us light and warmth. We depend on the energy of the Sun- just kidding, fossil fuels rule! Chances are, if you are reading this online then your room is shielded with blinds and you are whiter than snow living in your gamer den and listening to techno music. If not then sorry for insulting. Our sun is actually a fierce killer, as it burns at one-zillion degrees and spews cosmic radiation towards us we have to thank our magnetic and atmospheric fields around the Earth because we still aren’t well done (read: cooked alive).
    But if indeed one nice day the Sun decides to hurl a solar flare towards us and our sweet Earth decides to let it through (actual possibility, Earth probably hates us even more than the Sun) then our technology will be a goner, also you have a slightly higher risk of cancer.

    Firstly our satellites will sizzle up like you poured a can of Coke on a computer, this in turn will severly hinder global communications and navigation systems.
    Secondly anything in the top layers of the atmosphere will lose all modern technology – airplanes for example will become gigantic metal missiles.
    Thirdly the last layers of communication and radio give up because all the broadcast towers will fizzle out.
    Fourthly all personal technology (smart cars, mobile phones, computers, household technology etc.) will be a goner.
    It will be like the Middle Ages again but now we’ll have tons of metal and useless technology laying around. A large proportion of the world will probably die out since they rely on computers for every single task. The impact will certainly be gigantic on the First and Second Worlds however the Third World may not lose so much.

    CHAPTER II – GRRR-raaah braaains* (zombie apocalypse)

    Ah yes, it sure is great to live in the future! Where all the plants are grown in laboratories and they all… er… look exactly the same!? But the taste! The taste is sen- they taste like water, like dirty-dirty water from the horriblemist gutter you can imagine.
    Well at least we aren’t doing the same things to animals! Oh, we are? Well at least it won’t spread to humans! It can? Excuse me folks, I have to go to my local supermarket and load up on tinned food and shotguns because we are on the verge of a zombie apocalypse!

    Firstly most of your closest people (co-workers, relatives, probably even your family) will either a) get really sick and die or b) get eaten alive and die but fret not, because…
    Secondly most of your closest people (co-workers, relatives, probably even your family) will come back as flesh-eating monsters.
    But that’s only the human factor, what about our dearly loved technology?
    The first week will be a-okay (apart from all the explosions, fire, flesh-eating monsters, gunfire, more flesh-eating monsters, looters etc.) since there’s enough power to keep the technology going.
    By the end of the first month most power plants will shut down and you’ll find yourself in darkness (surrounded by the flesh eating monsters) and all your technology will soon follow into the darkness, again it’ll be like the Middle Ages with lots of metal laying about everywhere but as an added bonus you’ll also have flesh-eating monsters lurking about.
    But even better news! after a couple of years all the nuclear power plants will begin overheating and they’ll start popping like popcorn, the world will be pretty much irradiated (refer to Chapter III for further assistance if that is the case) oh and did I mention the flesh-eating monsters?

    • terribly sorry if I insulted any zombie that has considered better ways/reintegrated into the society and thus follows the norm of not murdering somebody for the delicious gray matter

    CHAPTER III – Cold War just got hot; Gentleman, no fighting in the war room!

    Ahh yes, the Cold War… the grass was greener, the sky bluer and the threat of nuclear holocaust loomed over everybody. Well luckily times have changed, we not only have awesome technology and live in peaceful Utopias and the threat of nuclear weapons is gon- oh…
    Well let us find comfort in the fact that there are no nuclear weapons left in the worl- oh…
    Well at least no rogue nation or group can get their hands on nuclear weapons… they can, can’t they? Oh they already have the nukes?
    Well, prepare your tinned goods and foods, move into the Vault-Tec issued Fallout shelter and let us set the world on fire.


    Firstly exploding nuclear bombs produce an EMP blast which will instantly fry any technology, be it on or off, it’s still going to fry.
    Secondly it has been observed that an exploding nuclear bomb will produce great amounts of heat, technology does not like heat and heat equivalent to the Sun will melt even the most hard-corest of technological knick-knack.
    Thirdly, purely as a human factor, nuclear bombs also produce radiation, human body does not like radiation.
    Fourthly, depending on the scale of the nuclear conflict the surface of the world will be unusable from 100 to 100 000 000 years, which in layman’s terms is a looooooooong time (notice the amount of o’s, fear the amount of o’s).

    Only thing weaker than the human body is the technology we’ve grown to use and love.
    I’ll keep it short folks: we’re screwed.

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    Microsoft buys Skype 

    Sky.net /topic

    I make joke two.

    Firstly, the deal’s impact on the proverbial regular user at the moment is rather small. The first and probably at the moment most notable addition is the Skype ‘Email Toolbar’ and ‘Office Toolbar’ which, like the names already imply, are Skype toolbars for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office respectedly.

    The second change will be the choice. When dealing with the email services after Microsoft acquired Hotmail the users suddenly had a choice, whether to carry on using Outlook or switching over to the Internet-based Hotmail, now this has pretty much happened again. Microsoft now has three instant messaging services: Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft Lync and the new addition of Skype. In all three there is the possibilty of text, voice and video chat.

    However this choice is a double-sided sword, or rather triple-sided sword. Windows Live Messenger is a very casual messaging service with flashy additions, Microsoft Lync on the other hand is a paid service that is oriented towards firms that do not wish to develop their own chat systems and Skype is the king in quality voice and video chats. This means that a situation will arise, the similar situation I have currently: I use Windows Live Messenger because it really is the best choice for text chats, however I have Skype installed whenever I want to voice or video chat with somebody since Windows Live Messenger can not handle those two tasks.

    I hope that in the future Microsoft decides to connect the text chat brilliance of Windows Live Messenger and the quality of voice and video chat of Skype.

    Secondly, the reactions to the 8,5 billion USD deal based on a selection of technology news outlets.

    First the price: “Skype was first sold for a relative bargain at $2.5bn to eBay in 2005, who in turn sold most of it off to Silver Lake in 2009 at an overall valuation of $2.75bn” so why the sudden rise in price? I think it is actually quite simple: they just can. And even if Skype will not bring profit to them or even loss they still have the most successful and popular VoIP service currently available.

    Another reason could be defense: “Just days after reports that Google and Facebook were interested in partnering with, and possibly buying VoIP company Skype, Microsoft announced that it was buying the company” so instead of allowing Skype to fall for their competitors they simply made an offer Skype could not refuse.

    According to Microsoft “Skype will support Microsoft devices like Xbox and Kinect, Windows Phone and a wide array of Windows devices, and Microsoft will connect Skype users with Lync, Outlook, Xbox Live and other communities” and BBC: “if they can put it on Windows 8, it gives them an advantage. It helps them in the tablet market…other analysts say Microsoft’s aim in buying Skype is to improve its video conferencing services”, thus the only logical conclusion is, like I predict, that Microsoft is planning to merge Windows Live Messenger and Skype thus giving us quality text, voice and video chat which is available ona wide array of products.

    In conclusion, to put it in the words of Steve Ballmer: “The goal is to empower people around the world with technology that will bring them together” so perhaps Nokia is the next stop for the ever-growing mega-corporation that is Microsoft?

    • Paavo Viilup 09:47 on May 19, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      This is much better than previous efforts, even though the media review could be so much more than a simple collection of quotes (which isn’t really a review, film reviews do not necessarily include the thing talked about in film form, for example).

      The first half is solid, but could be more thorough, eg. you could talk about your experience using the two applications and what the user experience is like as a result of this duality. Is this actually a hindrance? Are most users willing to juggle between multiple applications etc.

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    UX thingamogig 


    Login screen:

    • Log in (‘Enter Fridge!’)
    • Create new account (‘Give me a Fridge!’)

    Give me a Fridge:

    • A place to create a new user
      • Main elements (that appear on every page):

        • Header: The ‘Rate my Food’ logo [or rather… text] which brings the user back to the main page
        • Left column: Ad-space
        • Center column: the space that changes when clicking on items in the Navigation [the right column]
        • Right column: Navigation + log out
        • Footer: legal stuff

        User panel:
        Their name:

        • Opens their profile

        Their profile:

        • Display picture + FULL name of the user
        • Access to their Fridge

        My Fridge:

        • The contents of the user’s Fridge
        • Here they can add food into their Fridge

        Add food:

        • Fill the fields and ‘Add to Fridge!’

        Other Fridges:

        • Access to others’ Fridges
        • Prize if you are the only user

        Do NOT click!:

        • Don’t


        • User can get help here, alcoholics anonymous etc.

        Log out:

        • Moves the user to a page which gives them a chance to re-enter their username and password to re-enter their Fridge

        Creative spin:

        Upon reaching the ‘login.html’ the user will experience a great mixture of fear and surprise when coming to the realization that they have reached a top secret science project!

        Then they realize they can get a new ‘Fridge’ via the ‘Give me a Fridge!’ button (demands are VERY effective!).

        Then they reach the the registration site which sadly is unavailable. Bummer, we would have loved you in our social community network type of thing!

        HOWEVER! They will not give up and smash the ‘Open Fridge’ button on the ‘login.html’ page and to their surprise: it works. They are now at the ‘index.php’.

        To their surprise they already appear to have food in their Fridge! AND they can change the ratings! But before carrying on they want to add some food so they click on the text allowing them to do just the thing!

        They arrive on the ‘?page=addfood’ however the ‘Add to Fridge!’ button is broken… shame.

        Now they click on their name. This brings them to their profile, from there they can get back to their Fridge. Amazing!

        They find the ‘Other Fridges’ button and receive a special prize!

        Also they try to add an advert via the ‘Your advert here!’ but that doesn’t work either…

        They now seek ‘Help’ and are probably still sitting there and waiting for the help squad… shame that we made them up!

        This concludes the orientation.

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    Letter from: High Officer Michael, to: parental Unit no. 1 

    Dear Mother,

    I have acquired intelligence material from trusted sources that inform me of a rather worrying fact. Indeed, I am talking about your current operation to aqcuire a new personal computer – and I know you want a Windows-based Operating System. As your son I have to reprimand you for even coming up with the mental capacity to perform such an erroneous thought-crime. Luckily I have not let the scandal reach mass media nor higher echelons of power. It also hurts me that you have refused all means of verbal communication and thus I now have to spend my valuable time to write this letter. As a High Officer of the Skeleton-Formerly-Known-As-Steve-Jobs Local Authority Station 7 it is my great pride to introduce you to the cause that I follow.

    I have done some research on your daily habbits and have decided on a computer that will suit your needs: the MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro with a 17-inch screen. Excellent for reading your email and playing Facebook games. It is also neatly designed and I have managed to get the cost down to only 999.99 Steve-Jobsian-Credits. A bargain! Refrain from similar future mistakes or I am afraid the worst may happen.

    You have found this letter highly informative,
    Your Son

    • Paavo Viilup 10:44 on May 16, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Less flash fiction, more actual content, please. For creative writing, you get a 7, for an ITGS essay much less.

      Indeed, it hard to find any actual content, because a 17-inch Macbook Pro is hardly something a regular mother would need.

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    Start leheks on: login.html

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