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    And so it ends, only to begin again. 

    Sometime in the not so distant future….

    Pacing back and forth in his office, Steve kept periodically looking at his watch in an attempt to tell whether it was time to leave or not. These last few days, Silicon valley had become a most gloomy and unwelcoming place.
    When the clock finally struck eleven, Steve started packing to leave. He only took the most necessary things out of his office. His iPhone, an aluminium apple, and a newton tablet computer, running the most recent Newton OS. There was not a single device which could beat the Newton at using a calculator, marking things down in one’s calendar and, well, playing solitaire. Having packed up, Steve quickly left his office, and made his way out of the building.
    Saying goodbye to the security guard, Steve made note of the several obnoxiously-sized apple logos which could be found on the outside of the building. “Huh”, he thought “Never did like those stupid things…”.
    Upon reaching his car, Steve started fiddling with his keyring to find the proper key for his iCar, he heard a noise over his shoulder. Turning his head to see what had made it, He just heard someone scream,”GATES IS THE ONLY TRUE GOD” and a loud gunshot. Faster than Steve could say “20,00 user API’s” he felt a sharp burning pain in  his left shoulder. In a showing of panic-crazed genius, Steve unholstered his Newton and threw it at his assailant. Having been hit in the head with a tablet computing sensation, the man crumpled to the ground.
    This gave Steve sufficient time to climb into his iCar and drive off, leaving only the smell of burnt rubber in his wake.
    The stinging in Steve’s arm had subsided for the timebeing, allowing him to properly drive his car. After rounding the corner of Silicon valley, Steve was encountered by a view of Los Angeles. The white, unibody designed buildings stood out in the night, as did the LA national Apple plaza. A monolithic white idol in the midst of the city of angels, truly a sight to behold. The people had reacted relatively calmly to Apple’s taking over of the city, and gradually the whole world. Your average Joe had become accustomed to taking an iBus to work, just to return to his iHouse later in the day. Unpleasant it may seem, but the Apple corporation had solved global warming, poverty, and bad usability.
    Steve often pondered the weight his choice had had on the world, coming to the conclusion that he just had to save the ignorant hairless apes from themselves before it was too late. He had given them the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad, and finally, the perfect iLife. A few still bothered to fight against him. Gates-ists, as they called themselves. A bunch of angry young men! He had not seen Bill gates for over a decade. Reportedly, he had just disappeared from his mansion, not even leaving behind a single USB stick. Way back when, Bill had not shared his views on saving humanity from themselves, yet he had no weapon against iLife.
    Looking around the car for something to stop the bleeding, Steve noted, that he was out of gas. This meant he had to find shelter for the night. Deciding to go wash his wound on the beach, Steve started making his way down the highway on foot. In a frenzy of scrubbing his wound with an iNapkin, Steve got an eerie feeling in the back of his throat.  Turning around suddenly, he heard another gunshot. Only this time, it took him down to the ground. Spasming in pain, Steve heard a voice say “Its over, Jobs.” . He identified the man by the glasses he wore. It was Bill gates. His face scarred, and not at all reminiscent of his previous dashingly nerdy good looks. He wore a solemn look on his face, as if he didn’t enjoy doing this.
    “Its all over, Steve. Without you, they’ll be like a snake without a head.”
    Not waiting for an answer, Bill started making his way off the beach. He stopped in his tracks, hearing a heartbreaking laugh coming from the beach. Turning around, he saw Steve, covered in blood, holding an iPhone.
    “You forget, brother. There’s an app for that!”
    Suddenly, Bill was pulverized by a laser coming from the top of the Apple plaza. It was no pleasure to see a friend die like this, but Steve was proud he had made such a grandiose last stand. Rolling over onto his back, he looked out to sea.
    Before taking his last breath, Steve muttered
    “And so it ends, only to begin again”
    Bathing in the rays of the rising sun, Steve found solace…

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    • Erik-Silver Toomere 09:55 on May 31, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Do you also have trousers? Feedback shall not be given to any person without the required amount of trousers on them (100%).

      I can not say anything to you witout being biased!
      Fellow Apple-person, uh… yeah can’t do it.

    • alex 10:01 on May 31, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Your essays are quite good often, you show a lot of effort. The website development has been you weakest point yet, there has been no effort whatsoever! Invest some into it otherwise the project is going to fail! Your a good public speaker you always know what your talking about and don’t need any vast amounts of notes. Too much slacking off in class looking at pictures, videos and saying stupid comments. You should take things more seriously and focus on the actual assignment not some worthless three year old jokes.

    • Silver 10:02 on May 31, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      +/- Apple fanboy
      +/- Grammar-nazi
      + Good viewpoints
      + decent essays
      – /insertrandomnegativecommenthere/
      (I might think of more)

      • Brent 10:39 on May 31, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        You make good joke!
        You take tasks seriously enough

        Your code writing is not as Powahful as it should be.

    • Paavo Viilup 10:25 on May 31, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      You are doing very well with the analysis and writing, not so well with coding, though. I do not really understand what the issue is: is a sort of systematic misunderstanding of all coding concepts or are we dealing with a simple case of extreme laziness?

      For the ITGS project to be a success, you really need to get the basic coding concepts straight. Also, the jokes with the colours go too far and the impression I (and possibly Joel) get is that you’re not taking interface design as a serious concept, while actually it is the ONLY thing that basically matters to the regular user. They do not care about the database, they care about what they look at. And its good to practice properly and with a serious mindset, because later on it’s no longer possible to practice.

      But very good, otherwise, too many jokes maybe, but you write and discuss well.

    • Taavi 17:18 on May 31, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Good essays
      Even better presentations

      Paavo & Joel do not approve

  • Sander 20:48 on May 23, 2011 Permalink |

    Y u no live in hut? 

    The staggering evolution of technology in the past few decades might scare some. Many people have expressed their concern for technology taking over our word, as well as us humans. It is easy to be scared by modern science fiction movies, which depict a world where tyrannical robots have taken over the world and enslaved human kind. For the non-paranoid, however, the threat seems somewhat non existent. Having technology be a part of our everyday lives is a very beneficial factor .
    Telecommunications, for example, would probably be hindered the most. Without modern ICT technology, sending a message to another person would take days, instead of seconds. This would pretty much incapacitate world wide communications. Receiving a message to one’s forest hut would also be made impossibly difficult. A mailman would just wander around aimlessly and not get anything done. This would mean a catastrophe for international relations, as well as war time communications. It would be far more effective to use a system which can deliver a message around the globe in a matter of milliseconds. In addition, modern tech gives us the chance to talk to someone face to face, even when the other person is on the moon. Having this ability has moved society forward by large leaps. Giving it up would almost throw us back into the dark ages.
    Yet another example would be the accessibility of information. With the Internet, we can pretty much find information on anything that ever existed. Without exception. One might say that all of the world’s knowledge is contained on the Internet. Without it, all the same information would have to be contained in one spot on the earth, where someone would have to travel. Just to search through millions of pieces of information, which could take days or months. Therefore, having a medium, through which information can be found in mere seconds all around the world is the optimal solution.
    As for the people would prefer to live in a hut  and read poetry whilst sipping tea, the option is always available. But when considering the whole world, computers and ICT technology are an irreplaceable asset to almost every aspect of life.

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    Just recently Microsoft acquired Skype for a mythical… 

    Just recently, Microsoft acquired Skype for a mythical amount of money. Since then, the purchase has become a very hot topic. The opinions are, at best, mixed, with many tech sites calling it a pointless acquisition and a severe waste of company funds.  Among all the chaos, there have been some main valid points which the common user should keep in mind.
    Regardless of what experts say, there is one thing which is completely for sure. And that is the fact, that the common user will be affected in a significant way. Having control over Skype, Microsoft can make a huge variety of different moves from this position. Not the least of which, is expanding Skype. Skype support can, in theory, be added to most Microsoft platforms. Most notably the Xbox and Windows phone 7. In addition, Skype could easily be integrated with Microsoft’s current chat/messaging platform, Windows live. These two options seem most probable, because new functionality is constantly added to the Xbox and the service Xbox Live, as well as the Windows phone 7  operating system. A sort of “Mype” operating system is also a possibility.
    Aside from the practical implications, the business intrigue concerning the purchase is still rather hazy. Several blogs and experts have expressed their opinion on the topic.  Speculations about the reason for the purchase are very different. Some say, that it was a defensive move to secure Skype from being bought by Google or Facebook. Others think, that it was to secure a position in the VoIP war, where Android and Apple are already competing with Google voice and Facetime. What the sources agree upon, however, is that it was not the smartest of business decisions. Firstly, because Microsoft payed a lot more for Skype than it was actually worth. Secondly, Skype’s ability to bring a constant profit to make up for the  8.5 billion dollar price tag is doubtable. As such, it would seem that the purchase had a different reason, other than going directly for a profit.
    Taking all of the variables into account, the chance of seeing a “Mype” come along is actually probable. Due to the rather suspicious nature of the purchase,  Microsoft probably has concrete plan for using Skype. That is, integrating it with all of the different services that Microsoft provides, ranging from Xbox live to Windows live. That is just about the only way that Microsoft can come out with a profit.


    • Brent 20:36 on May 18, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Yeah, ma ei saa enam sisse logida, ütleb et mu kasutaja on deletitud, so ma panen commentaarina oma töö;)


      Microsoft bought Skype for 8,5 billion dollars. I guess the best way to describe this deal would be to just say: “Woah!”. 8,5 billion is no small cash to spend on a company which has been struggling to make a decent profit over the years and when compared to the Microsoft’s own Windows Live, has about half of the number of clients. Reading about the topic, one probably would like to ask Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft and the “champion” of the deal, was Skype really worth it.

      The pros of the deal. Reading various news and blog posts about the topic it seems that Skype will remain as it is: a great live chat provider for various platforms. As Microsoft has said on its official press release: “Microsoft will continue to invest in and support Skype clients on non-Microsoft platforms. “,. This certainly is good news for all the non-Microsoft Skype users and if to think logically, this is one of the benefits of Skype: Microsoft can actually get some profit from Apple (and Ubuntu) users. Skype will also be integrated to Microsoft’s various systems and communities like Xbox live, Outlook, Lync, Windows phone and Kinect. Knowing that Skype was a live chat oriented company, this deal will certainly grant Microsoft full access to its technology. Rumors have also said, that Facebook.com will be granted access to Skype technology to enhance its own chat. Knowing the fact that Microsoft is one of the investors in Facebook, maybe this is not so far from being true because of Google’s voice and Apple’s Facetime being developed, maybe this is just the clever tactic Microsoft is pulling to get back in the race, but this is only rumors and speculation.

      Though there are some various pros in the deal, I am quite certain this will not explain the humongous amount of money Microsoft payed for Skype, it is definitely too much. Microsoft with its own research and development teams, with some effort, could have surely managed to create a similar and well functioning system on their own and they would not have had to make it from nothing, they already have a good base called Windows Live. So the reasons, why such a high price, for me and many others do not seem valid enough and besides the pros, the deal has a feeling of “Showoff” in it, to just show the other software companies that Microsoft is willing and able to do bigger deals then they. This is supported by the fact that Google and Facebook were said to be interested in partnership with Skype, before the big deal.

      This deal was certainly surprising and there are a lot of different opinions on, was the deal in fact smart and well thought through. Though there are different opinions on how much Microsoft will benefit from it almost everyone agrees: the price was too high.


      • Paavo Viilup 10:55 on May 19, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        What about the impact on the regular user? Also, while the rest of the essay is written in good semi-formal language, it starts off with “Woah”. Woah, really? Try to avoid this in the future.

    • Paavo Viilup 10:44 on May 19, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I can’t really imagine an operating system based on Skype (Mype). Otherwise, very good, with some annoying language issues like the use of commas before “that”.

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    Is division by milk possible?

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    Ratemyfood com The aim of the website is… 


    The aim of the website is to create a social hub, where people can give ratings to food. In addition, the site will provide a simple and effective way for people to catalog the foods in their fridge and keep track of their expiration dates.

    Home page


    • This is the main page which the user will see when opening the ratemyfood page on the internet. On this page, there are be updates about the user or the user’s friends.The names of people and foods are both clickable and both lead to separate user and food pages.
    • The home page also features a login box.
    • If the user is logged out, the site will only show the home page, only with some random updates from popular users, like Ashton Kutcher or Kim Kardashian.
    • There is also a sidebar menu, which leads to the other pages, namely friends and ratings. ALSO CLICKABLE!


    Friends page

    • Table of  Friends
    • When a name is clicked, a second form pops up with additional info and profile picture
    • Link takes user to a page with the friend’s food and ratings



    Ratings page

    • Table with the different foods
    • Ratings
    • Ability to add ratings
    • Expiration dates of foods
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    Dearest mother… 

    You told me about your decision to buy a new PC. Please read the following and consider repenting. You have a brilliant chance to try out something new. You haven’t seemed to opposed to the idea of using a Mac, so I’m going to run down some points you should consider before buying a new computer.
    First is simplicity. You really can’t find a simpler computer than a mac. Mac computers are known world wide for their ease of use and simple GUI. There just aren’t as many things to worry about. Also, there are instructional videos for just about everything on the Apple website.Based purely on videos alone, you’ll have to use the customer support line much much less. Aside from that, pretty much everything works out of the box, including a good web browser. In addition, most other necessities are packed in with iLife and iWork. These two handle pretty much everything concerned with work and media browsing. There will be pretty much everything from making spreadsheets to editing photos, all simply accessible from the toolbar. This means no more messing around with tedious third party software.

    Second, there are no viruses. Macs are well known for not having to deal with viruses, which are a menace on normal PC computers. Macs have a simple and non-intrusive defense system, which protects the computer from almost all viruses there are. Additionally, it will keep you safe while browsing the web. That includes making sure you’re logged out of everywhere, and even helping you think up better passwords. Another important thing to keep in mind, is that it doesn’t pester the user to update one’s software or regularly perform scans which slow the computer down to a crawl. A  PC simply can’t compete with a Mac on this front.

    Thirdly, customer service. Your reason for even buying a new computer is probably that the stingy customer support at Lenovo has sent you  away. Now, if it were a Mac, you’d probably have the problem fixed by now. The word renowned Apple customer support service is world renowned for a reason. Aside from the top-notch customer support lines, an Apple retailer will most probably take in a broken Mac and repair or replace it, no questions asked. So, even if you DO have some issue that can’t be fixed by using the Internet, the customer support at Apple will most certainly help you out of a pinch.

    From a mother’s point of view, a Mac would most definitely be  a better choice. Overall it is a reliable computer, with the simplest operating system, and even if there is anything you can’t figure out, there are always video guides on the Apple site. Aside from that, there aren’t as many safety issues as there are on a PC. The defense software is reliable and non-intrusive. And if that is not enough, the award winning customer service should certainly help you decide whether your new computer  should be a Mac.

    • Silver 19:28 on May 12, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      “Macs are well known for not having to deal with viruses, which are a menace on normal PC computers.”
      – are you refering that Macs are ABNORMAL ? 😀 Hmmm….

      • Sander 19:32 on May 12, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Nope, I’m referring* to* Macs NOT being PCs

        • Silver 19:33 on May 12, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          Pc = normal
          -INF < Mac <normal

          • Silver 19:34 on May 12, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            I KEED

          • Sander 19:36 on May 12, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            Normal :according with, constituting, or not deviating from a norm, rule, or principle.
            PC= normal= it has viruses.
            Nice try, kiddo

            • Silver 20:02 on May 12, 2011 Permalink

              So when Mac has less viruses and viruses = normal
              Mac < normal ? 😀
              I’m getting it right, right?

              & do mind the comment above

      • Sander 20:12 on May 12, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        What are you even saying?

      • Sander 20:15 on May 12, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Also, you realize that the world “abnormal” doesn’t mean that it is below normal, right?

    • Paavo Viilup 10:39 on May 16, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      They say the customer service for Macs in Estonia is pretty bad sometimes, so I’m not certain the renowned part is true for us. Then again, neither is it true for Lenovo.

  • Sander 09:47 on May 5, 2011 Permalink |


    Living in an era, where the understanding of privacy is very varied and has no clear definition, scandals like the one involving Apple, are bound to spark a lot of discussion. With the Internet blurring the line between private and non-private, people have become very sensitive about being tracked and observed. Sometimes rightfully so, and sometimes not. This, of course, applies to the happenings with Apple supposedly “tracking” iPhone users’ location. However, this might have been blown severely out of context.

    The information that is recorded is woefully vague, and surely not enough to support the large scandal that has arisen from the issue. Going by the Q&A that Apple published, the corporation doesn’t actually use the information gathered by the phones to track anything, but rather, to make the user experience smoother and quicker. The caches kept are used to find the location of the phone much quicker when the user actually wants the phone to do so. Furthermore, the phone’s location can be calculated in a 100 mile radius. This poses an almost non-existent danger to the user. In fact, it would be much easier to just triangulate the position of the phone using its surrounding radio towers. Service providers have had the ability to do that for years, as well as some sort of phone call tracing. Apple recording vague data about the phone’s position, to make the user experience smoother is a rather insignificant problem in comparison.
    That is, of course, assuming that Apple is giving us the whole story. The characteristics of the system described  in the Apple Q&A are indeed a very minor worry, and couldn’t really have any impact on anything. However, if the iPhone’s ability to track the user’s position were more precise, then it would indeed be a problem. In addition, the fact that the phone kept tracing even when location services were turned off was named a “bug”, is somewhat ominous. As well as the fact that iTunes cached the location and stored them on a computer, where, in theory,  they are readily accessible by Apple. To the suspicious eye, these coincidences seem somewhat ominous. It would seem probable, that there is more to the issue than was made public.
    Yet, no final verdict can be given by anyone at this point. With the, admittedly lacking, information given, the problem indeed seems to be blown out of proportion. The tracing the iPhone does is relatively tame, when compared to the tracing that telecom service providers have been able to do for years. But, as with any such scandal, it is very probable that the public has not received the full scoop on the issue. As such, the problem could be several magnitudes larger than what has been described.

    • Joel L 10:04 on May 5, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      “As well as the fact that iTunes cached the location and stored them on a computer, where, in theory, they are readily accessible by Apple.”

      So basically they could read anything on your computer, so nothing matters anyway.
      And so does Microsoft, and LINUX CORPORATION (I believe that’s the official name)

    • Paavo Viilup 06:35 on May 9, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      It’s all a bit ominous, then? Ominous situation is ominous. Otherwise, solid, if not inspiring, writing.

  • Sander 10:31 on April 4, 2011 Permalink |
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    U mad? 

    My problem is that my client needs a way to sell her goods (in this case, soap) in a manner other than dealing face to face.

  • Sander 18:38 on March 30, 2011 Permalink |  

    Things I know how to do: Create basic HT… 

    Things I know how to do:

    • Create basic HTML sites
    • Do some awesome styling with CSS
    • Write some very faulty PHP

    Things I want to do:

    • Learn how to create databases, to keep track of anything and everything
    • Some more complex styling. Dropdown menus, cool looking buttons etc.
    • Create BaceFook and TouYube
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