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    • Investigation of the software we have as of now (multiple countries/languages) -> direct contact, personal user experience if possible
    • Figuring out whether any of the found software could possibly benefit PTC (multi-browser capability, no need for plug-ins, user interface, smartphone integration)
    • Solutions for cross-platform data transfer
    • Solutions for multi-language text and multimedia
    • Detailed report producing software
    • Difference between “distributed database system” and a “centralized database system + VPN” and possible applications and implications
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    Snow Hunter Wing 

    The passing of time has shown the nimble humans the importance of the Personal computer. This simple-minded piece of architecture, that silently roams near our lower extremities while in use, has shown a significant importance in forming the way the human perceives it’s surroundings. The computer, which the humans by now call “Saint George” had always been seen as mild tempered and cool. This was perceived as a virtue among the human race.

    On one pitiful and sorry day, the computer had lost it’s cool. The temperatures of its silicon based intestine had skyrocketed to never-before seen figures. But what was there to do, to aid the saviour of the man kind?

    A hero once approached from the alien-lands of Iteria with the correct mindset for solving the grave problem at hand. The hero was offered rations of various type and measure, if only he was to aid the close ones of “Saint George”. The Iterian approached the computer with great caution, taking great care in every move he makes. He carefully dissected the computer, revealing it’s insides. After thorough investigation, the hero was able to pinpoint the root of the apparent sickness of sorry George. In fact, there seemed to be a large formation of dust particles in and around the motherboard, CPU and the cooling fans. Through a gentle yet sweat-braking process of dust removal, the computer was healed. George once again regained his cool temper and continued serving the humans by aiding in solving complex calculations whilst silently humming in the darkness.

    The Iterian was treated as a nobelty and his every wish was granted. Since the hero was a humble man, he only took what he needed and went, once again, to go and wonder along in distant lands, helping the unfortunate.

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    We will change the way you do business! 

    Recently a law was passed in Switzerland, which states that downloading illegal multimedia such as music, movies and games will be legal. Although the decision provided good grounds for illegal downloaders, also referred to as “pirates”, it still leaves many questions to be answered. Both sides of the contract – the casual “pirates” and large entertainment companies present various ideas about why the law is or isn’t practical and ethical. Some of the arguments are discussed and analyzed as follows.

    When the Swiss government passed the law that allows for illegal file sharing, large media companies were outraged. Why should a government support illegal activities? The companies that make money off of selling their products are tricked into believing that the law can be justified.

    Firstly, the government claims that according to various research it can be seen that people acquiring illegal copies do not actually save money off the act, on the contrary. It was found that “pirates” spend as much or even more money on other media entertainment, founding the companies through other resources. The claim suggests that even If an industry loses money due to legalized “illegal activities” they have the chance to compensate for the loss by turning to other methods. In general, the idea of such a mandatory last resort is an outrage because it is just not ethical to block a company’s income.

    Secondly, the government explained that it would be impossible to imply the 3 strike rule (3 registered offences concerning illegal file sharing will result in the loss of internet connection) as the United Nations has declared internet access as a human right. In my opinion, the fact that internet may not be prohibited should lead to other methods of punishment such as fines and reparations that one has to pay when 3 offences have been made. This would eliminate the unethical issue concerning company money loss and still motivate people to buy multimedia in a legal fashion.

    Lastly, the legalization of piracy could on the other hand prove to be beneficial. This, in the sense that film and video game industries would have to create even better and better content to appeal to larger crowds. This includes adding thrilling multiplayer content or optional extra content to people who have bought the game. This would lead to a more immersive multimedia experience and enhance the sector as a whole.

    Overall, even if it can merely be justified why the passing of the law was a correct deed, the general gesture of an arrogant middle finger to the industries remains. It is just unethical not to take into consideration the work and labor of companies, mainly because the expectations of getting paid through the created product hang about. The question whether it was necessary to legalize “stealing” does nothing but raise chaos and misbelief towards the government and its ability to reasonably pass laws. All aside, the “pirates” of Switzerland can rest because as of now, the work of multimedia producers, according to some, needs no appreciation.

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    Y U no load game in 5sec?! You piece of s***! 

    Our generation often finds ourselves in a position where a computer bought a couple of years back is not able to cope with the extreme requirements of contemporary media such as video editing and
    gaming. Why do we find ourselves in these situations?

    The “guts” of a computer, when broken down have remained as they are from the very start. We have the motherboard, processor, graphics card and cooling system among others. The difference between computers is thus drawn by the measurements done on these parts, determining what and how much information the parts can process.

    On one hand the every-day text editing and web browsing computers can remain unchanged for several years, not suffering from serious speed decreasing due to the lack of change in the requirements of text editing and web-browsers. This does of course not mean that every application can and will run similarly on a “fast” and “slow” computer.

    On the other hand, 3D media editing is highly demanding on the computer hardware, requiring several upgrades over the course of a couple of years to stay competitive. Computer gaming is a prime example of this process. Newer games are highly demanding on a system and many of them require high end processors and graphics cards to run smoothly. Due to this, game developers publish minimum and recommended requirements of their games, letting their customers make necessary changes to their systems where needed.

    Overall, it can undeniably be seen that computer specifications have a great impact on the capabilities and experience of the user. Time is crucial and faster processing helps us save time, allowing us to attend to other important duties (9gag), using the time otherwise lost in the process. The relevance of specs is only due to change if we can meet all of the limits of technological improvements (speed, compactibility).

    PS: Sadly no one will ever see the day, because if we can’t go any smaller, we start going larger again.

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    The man is responsible for his future. 

    The process of visioning the future has proven to be very beneficial in the past. Let’s take Steve Jobs for example. In the mid 80’s, when computers ran slow due to the lack of hardware, he visioned having all of his files up in the (what he called) “The Cloud”. He proved the usefulness of the system by presenting his personal statistics on backups he has had to make since he started using the “Cloud”, which surprisingly enough was 0. At the time, crashes and malfunctions were so frequent that one had to back up their system every month to stay on track. This made the idea of a cloud based data storage and transfer very appealing.

    In the mid 50’s we thought that by the new millennium, we would all fly on hovercraft, but by now we would have already noticed that it has not come to a reality. This makes one wonder how and what can be considered to be a plausible vision for the future.

    Nowadays, when we have come accustomed to touch screens and voice activated applications, we vision the future in another perspective. We think of smart surfaces that would interact with us and of ultra-light phones that could provide the answer to all the questions. But to what extent can we assume, according to our previous experience, that our visions will ever come true? Either the future will ever be here or not, the only thing that we can do is to keep on visioning.

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    Why iPhone 4S is the best+(est^(n-1)) in our galaxy! 

    Listen up all you Apple fans. There is a new kid in town he is called iPhone 4S. The iphone 4S possesses the slick and ever popular design of the iPhone 4. Thus you can always pull it out in style, instantly becoming the center of attention in any given situation. The new and improved hardware of the masterpiece will allow the user to play games up to 7x faster than on the previous system. You can leave the users of the inferior iPhones to your dust, while playing the most demanding games out there. IPhone 4S will come with a brand new and innovative software called “Siri”. This ultimately realistic personal assistant will understand absolutely everything and provide you the answers within seconds. You can now send messages, set schedules and make calls totally HANDS FREE! Do you like to take pictures? If you said yes, the iPhone 4S is just for you. This excellent piece of technology gives the user a one of a kind view into the world of 8 000 000 pixels. Throw away all of your other equipment, because this phenomenal device is the most mobile and effective camera you will ever use! When you purchase the all new iPhone 4S, you will have exclusive access to the newest and greatest software in the world, which we call the iOS 5. It comes with over 200 new features specifically designed to work best on the iPhone 4S. You can now make use of various applications which will make your experience with the phone even better!

    Ignore all others! Ignore the ridiculous price tag! Make your friends jealous and buy the Iphone 4S NOW!

    /insert img src=””trollface.png””

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      Seven times faster? Quote?

      The question is: is the price tag reasonable in the context of what you are getting? Maybe a more level-headed discussion would provide more productive answers. Such as the piece is, an irony-ladden rant, it lacks the sophistication required from an HL student!

      • Joel L 16:04 on December 7, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Re: 7x – it does have 7x graphics performance (as stated by Apple).

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    Wednesday – Essays/news
    Thursday – Going through course material
    Fridays – Code writing, (Once every 3 weeks lets do stupid stuff such as gaming)

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    I Like Turtles 

    Two years before our fall was born, something amazing was published – The World Wide Web. At that time, it was probably only accessible to the “geekiest” of computer fanatics. 20 years later however, the picture is quite different. The age at which children are engaged to the exciting and wonderful world of the World Wide Web, is as low as ever, sometimes even reaching the tender age of 3. But who is to blame in this situation? No-one, we ourselves have created this monster we like to call “the information age”. But either way, monster or not, we benefit far more from this age, than there is to lose. Nearly limitless information at our fingertips is just overwhelming to measure. But can this “monster” evolve into anything even greater? Can we create something even more beneficial to our success and communication? The gradual break-throughs in science together with the hard work of computer engineers will make the smallest of information carriers available to us today seem like “bricks” in the future. That means that in the case of trying to make more and more technology fit inside a rather small device certain evolvement is seen from day to day. But still it is doubtable whether even the smallest of devices will change or enhance the foundation for the information age. At this very moment we are at the peak of our capabilities when it comes to sharing and gaining information. But in the future, would the leap of connecting our brain with all of the information in the world really be reasonable, taking into consideration the harm that kind of an action could cause? This question will be the threshold for the next great change. But does it all really matter, we will be dead at the end of 2012 anyways, right?

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      What do you mean by “as low as ever”? I think it’s still pretty rare that a 3-year old uses the Internet in any meaningful way (clicking on balloons does not apply). Also, the 2012 argument is trite, at best.

      Additionally, paragraphs are good.

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    What I am good at Putting together a… 

    What I am good at

    • Putting together a working tower computer
    • Creating folders
    • HTML/CSS
    • Gaming
    • explaining how a computer works (in a more detailed fashion)

    What I am less good at

    • PHP/API
    • English grammar
    • Saving my laptop battery life
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