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    I can do:
    Some CSS
    bit of PHP(when I try hard enough… a click and go game(the one we did in class))

    I want to learn how to create:
    Rip menus
    The columns of buttons that contain information and stuff(if we haven’t already covered sth like that)
    “Type in” text boxes(which a costumer can fill)
    “Load image” bar and butten
    Just a brief overview how mouseover and stuff like that works
    A page in 2 languages, being able to change them at all times
    Sth that would make people be able to register at ones homepage
    Tables which will contain information(ie: most klicked link) at the top and (ie:least klicked link) at bottom
    Anything else that you think we could use…

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    There has been a lot of trial and error around e-elections in the last couple of years. Many countries have encountered various problems and loopholes that lead the government to ban e-elections. From 2005, Estonia has accepted e-elections as a formal way of casting a vote. It seemed to go well, up until this year, when various mishaps raised concern and broke the headlines. Putting all of this aside, what is required to run e-elections, how does it make our live easier and why has it failed to be successful?

    Without serious examination, it might seem, that close to nothing is required to successfully run e-elections. A couple of minutes spent on designing and programming should do just fine. The previous might just be what the one responsible had in mind, when he was set to tackle this task. The truth however turned out to be alarmingly different. First of all, the system created can be questioned to be too easily crackable, making it vulnerable to countless malware and spyware programs. These viruses could be put to work in different ways. In example: only votes that favour a certain party will be counted, others will be trashed. Although the malware fixes the elections, the program will still create an illusion of a fair act of vote. This certain problem has been the subject of argue for a long period of time. The main counter argument being that, since there is only a 7 day e-election period (from 10 to 4 days before the election), there is little chance that enough malware was distributed to successfully fix the elections. This claim seems to neglect the speed at which a virus like this might rapidly distribute from a known source. One of these sources might have been the “political-view compass” which I think caught the attention of many and may have started the mayhem, thus being a possible threat to the succession of the electional process.

    Although,politics and politicians, seem to be the impact area concerning e-elections, there is another ultimate goal that I think the system was projected towards. That is the need to increase the interest in public-voting. Polls showed that the interest in e-elections was the highest among people 35 and below. This is all great, but the fact is that the people in desperate need for e-elections are the ones who live so to say “in the middle of the forest”, thus having no access to any of the genuine voting stations and no possibility to go voting. The pitfall in this assumption is that most people who live in the middle of nowhere, next to nothing will not have Internet access, again making them unable to go voting. Another factor, leaning for e-elections is that it is economically sufficient, saving money and human resources. Money could be saved off of paper, inc and fuel. On top of all that, there is almost no need for human interference, leaving people to be productive in other fields of live, yet again saving money for the government.

    As the topic is e-elections, it is hard to decide from which end to start. First of all, there is a problem with vote duplication because there is no formal supervision held over the votes. This problem is enhanced by the fact that there is a possibility for one to change ones vote during the vote period. If there were too many requests at one time there could be a server flood, that would cause the previous vote not to be deleted/changed. This would make the person have more than one vote, thus creating for an unfair election. As votes are concerned, there is also no strict control over whether a person, having already casted ones vote over the Internet, will go and elect again in the public, paper form, elections. I say strict, because the department dealing with these elections claims that they have everything under control. Since there is no actual proof, because the votes casted are anonymous, the claim can not be proven or overruled. As virtual identity theft is increasingly more present, there is also a problem with the valid identification of a person. Let us say that grandmother lets his grandson vote for her over the Internet, since the political views of grandson and grandmother do not match, the man decides to cast two votes for his own politician of choice. Over the Internet, such manipulations can not be checked, as they can in a public, paper based, elections. Another problem, perhaps the most threatening of them all, is the fact that the control over this whole system is left in the hands of a few individuals. This small group of people has a higher than average risk of being corrupt, leaving for a chance of fixed elections. This kind of manipulation of votes could have occurred in Estonia while there was no flow of information for a hour and a half, apparently there was counting in process at that time, or was there? The scaring fact is how easily they could have gotten away with it. Since e-elections were most popular among people of 35 and below, who belong into middle/upper-middle class and are most commonly voting for the Reform party, there would be no questions asked, when suddenly a couple of thousand votes, under that category were changed to support the Reform party. At this moment, only those handful of people, responsible for the “counting” could tell us the truth, until they have spoken, nothing can be known.

    Overall, there is a large mess gathered around e-elections. Failure of correct assessment of the technology and resources needed, fallacious reasoning, when it comes to the target group and the inability to correctly cast and count votes, only being some of the major problems haunting e-elections. The decision of baning e-elections in some of the countries might have been a choice that overall saves more money than the program was initially supposed to. May be there is a future to e-elections? Only time will tell.

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      “Mighty piece of writing.”
      Your essay was fluent all the paragraphs were connected and did not seem out of the context. Your ideas were good although in the third body paragraph you brought out the stall in transmission of the voting results which clearly had nothing to do with the results or counting of the e-elections as these results were published before they even started reading the physical votes. Although you had quite a few grammar mistakes I think the overall essay was well written as you covered all the aspects and managed to cover them in a clear order.

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      That’s a okay essay you got here..
      Language was great and fluent.
      You had a claim: “This problem is enhanced by the fact that there is a possibility for one to change ones vote during the vote period. If there were too many requests at one time there could be a server flood, that would cause the previous vote not to be deleted/change”. My question is, that do you actually have any facts or evidence of this being possible.
      Also if a “paper” vote was to be discovered from a person who had voted electronically, then the paper vote would overrule the electronic one.
      So you couple of fact errors.
      Otherwise a good essay

      • silver 11:06 on March 29, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        The claim: I don’t have actual evidence, because i’m just argumenting, what could be going on.. This could just be a reason… that could cause problems.

        Voting – mind the next sentence 😀 may be it clarifies stuff

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    IT systems: analyse the hardware and sof… 

    IT systems: analyse the hardware and software necessary to implement Khan Academy as a learning tool in an average Estonian school (approx. 300 words).

    What is necessary to make Khan Academy work in an Estonian school?

    This learning tool is at many aspects one of the greater achievements today, thus require much. Even though, a computer today is ultra fast and powerful, it might at some time run short of supplies that would be necessary for this kind of a project.

    The first necessary part for making this work would be a server1– a more powerful computer that provides other computers connected to it with information, data or other resources. Although it is possible that a single PC can handle this task as mentioned before today’s computers are very fast and powerful, it is much up to the school and its financial state. This means that there in some cases would not be a need for a server, since there are so few students and they could not overrun the computer with requests. In larger schools, facilities a server would be necessary just to cope with the thousands upon thousands of requests by students every day.

    Since records are made of students, who use the tool for learning, there is a necessity for a database2 – stores information in a computer in an organised form. What this does is that it keeps track of students’ activities, stores them in an organised form, letting authorised people access it at all times. This is necessary for helping students, parents and teachers keep track of the students’ studies by looking at tables and graphs. The database will be of good use when dealing with information that would take too much time to monitor manually, such as this project.

    1,2 – “Tomorrow’s technology and you” Ben & George Beekman

    Area of impact: education: Evaluate the possibilities of Khan Academy changing something permanently in education (approx. 300 words).

    Khan Academy – the leading developer in changing the world of education.

    Just from the first look, may it be a promotional video or a personal experience, it can be seen that the developers behind Khan Academy have created something that will change the educational system as we know it.

    As the educational system is concerned, this system would make it a lot easier for teachers to assess students as they individually develop by following graphs and tables and thus not having to follow certain rules set by the educational system which leaves some students worse off. Overall it would make student development easily monitor-able, problems locate-able and easily eliminatable.  It also will be financially beneficial as school houses wouldn’t have to be rented, because all of the information is available online. This would also make the information easily accessible from virtually anywhere from the planet, eliminating the fact of falling behind when illnesses or trips occur. As already mentioned, the possibilities are endless.

    On the other hand, it is hard to implement this type of learning on other subjects, such as English, where the discussion part plays a large role in the students’ understanding of the subjects. Jet another problem would be essays, when and how will they be assessed? An overall issue concerning this system is privacy and academic honesty. Since privacy is a large concern in all aspects that deal with the Internet, it is reasonable to believe that this could become yet another suspect of this kind of felony. As it comes to academic honesty we, IB students, take it for granted not to cheat, but this might not be the case with some students who would desperately be trying to impress their fellow students/parents/teachers using methods that might not be ethical(in some cases even legal).

    As to everything in this world, every coin has two sides. So does this one, on one hand it is a great breakthrough in education, making it easier and more accessible to everyone willing to participate. On the other hand, it’s a way that would lead to difficulties, at some cases even felony. Overall my opinion is left unchanged as I think of the system as a great way of adding variety to studies. This way of learning could become of good use when implemented partially, thus getting the best out of both systems: the strict and rule based learning from one end and the fun, achievement based learning from the other.
    Social and ethical concerns: Identify and evaluate at least two social/ethical concerns related to implementing Khan Academy in Estonian schools (approx. 300 words).

    What concerns might there be when implementing Khan Academy to Estonian schools?

    When a new, innovative idea comes along, people tend to either only look for errors or only see what is good about it. Previously I noted some of the positive aspects, but what can be the concerns(social/ethical)?

    Since schools at the moment require a student to be present and actually show up to the classes in person, people do not really pay attention to the positive effects that this creates, such as social intercourse. This project, when fully functional, would eliminate school, as a physical object from the picture. This means that it is not necessary to be physically present at lessons. One can do them at any given moment, group-work can be handed out and done separately using given possibilities. This eliminates the face-to-face communication that is so very essential to becoming a successful person, that can cope in every given situation. This means that by eliminating the factor of having to show up, one eliminates the possibility of being socially active, a part in a functioning society.

    When all studies are moved to the Internet, there is a higher risk of lack of academic honesty. This means that since the students, when using a personal computer can not be monitored as a student in a classroom can, there instances might occur where the student is using materials that are not allowed. This in turn of course creates for a system of education that does not monitor the knowledge of the student but the skill that one possesses when using the Internet and looking up all the answers. Thus the students will be less ethical and when one is unethical, no one knows what might happen and this would damage the society as a whole.

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    The Khan Academy is: A free educational … 

    The Khan Academy is:

    • A free educational program, that provides infinite possibilities.
    • Gaining popularity as we speak, as the only thing nessesary is an internet connection (at this moment, already over 2000 educational videos, that students can play, pause, rewind etc.
    • An educational program suitable for the Future, development is rapid to make for a more fun and interesting learning experience.

    Evaluate Khan Academy from the prospective of IB HL math student


    • On this site, since everyting has been collected into a neat list of topics, it is very simple to revise for the maths exam.
    • Achievements are motivating, they make students want to achieve them, thus creating an interresting learning experience suitable for both the old and the young.
    • Random exercises provide a possibility of doing exercises at home to furthermore consolidate the material one has learned at school.
    • Teachers can monitor the students progress and easily see where the student is stuck. This helps for a fast pace learning process where every student is individually assessed and helped, when needed.
    • Every problem comes with a possibilty of using hints to aid the student through harder and harder problems.
    • Almost endless potential.


    • Since computer technology is subjectible to hacks, the information gathered about the student might not be valid enough for a correct conclusion.
    • The program could have errors, that would give invalid information about a student.
    • Achievements could become a source for “nolifing”, which means that a student spends too much time being hooked to the site doing non-chellenging exercises consurning his level. This prevents a smooth and constant development of student knowledge.
    • As a IB student, the problems might seem out of context and be too easy or one-dimentional, ignoring the need for actual logical thinking.
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    If my memory serves me well, i used my P… 

    If my memory serves me well, i used my PC a lot the past 2 weeks which means that I didn’t get a lot of sleep . I managed to complete the game “Call of duty”, which in essence is copyrighted software stored as data on a storage device or hard disk.  Since there seemed to be a bug in the system software I had to start the game in safe mode. I also tried to mess around with MS-DOS, which is available in Microsoft Windows operating system for free after a clean install. Doing this required me to multitask, because I don’t know much about command-line interfaces. During my holidays I also upgraded my computer hardware by adding some RAM but it’s still a far way from being a supercomputer. Furthermore I found out how to clean a power port(had to open it and clean it because at some point my computer sounded like an angry bee seeking for vengeance). Trying to connect hard-drives, I found out that there are in fact 2 diferent cables, with which it can be connected to the motherboard (SATA(faster and room-sufficient) and IDE(the wide curvy one) ports).  Overall I learnt a lot in the past couple of weeks and that’s a SUCCESS! 😀 😀 😀

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    Wikileaks – files revealed 

    Wikileaks – a site, where people are presented with documents, that have significant value in the world. Recently, a incident from 2007 appeared, revealing the “collateral damage”, that USA soldiers caused on somewhat innocent people. The video file is now available throughout the internet and visible to everyone. The leak of such video files has caused The States a lot of damage both financially, and in the eyes of the world. All of this raises a question, should this kind of videos be available for the world to see and who should be held responsible?

    The right to freely express ones opinions is common worldwide. In this case, the expression of opinion is changeable with the revealing of files that have importance to someone. The incident of the act of killing civilians in Afghanistan has turned out to be the most of importance. For the Government of The US, the outcome of this particular video has caused a lot of damage. Lots of apologies had and have to be made to many countries, especially Afghanistan. The concern for them is, that this kind of video could put them at the bottom of the “scale of respect” in the eyes of many nations. Although America is a large and arms wise a great country, due to this video, they may also have to worry about the safety of their people. This might also be the reason why North America is so eagered to apologize. Is N- America sorry, or is he just scared? Overall, from the perspective of The States, it is not looking very good right now but who knows, what the future might bring.

    To the general public of the world, the spread from Wikileaks is an eye-opener. The tensions in Afghanistan have been going on for quite some time now, and although there has been many stories about it, the overview was still not acquired. Until this video was released, USA was quite indiscriminate to the usage of the word “terrorist”. Having acquired the latest information, a person can draw a conclusion to the situation. As we can see people, nations and parties work hard to deceive the spectators into believing that they are right. Since there is a clear case of deception, I think that it is all but unreasonable to clarify the situation. From here I can say that the accusations against Julian P. Assange, as being the publisher and editor of Wikileaks, are causeless and the claims that he is a sex-offender are just the North American way to suppress the anger that has been building around this, never to be released, situation.

    Overall I think that, this kind of information is relevant for the world to know, because in some way, we all depend on each other. As once a wise man said “Knowledge is power”, so why should only one country possess it, when It can be distributed between the world? In order to make this world a better place, all the people have to co-operate because the need of one can often not be satisfied.

    • brent 11:07 on December 7, 2010 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Well the Intro was quite okay I guess
      I’d like to say from the start that the whole essay seemed a bit random, at some point and also just 2 paragraphs
      The first paragraph directly relates to the intro so this is good.
      Government of the US is, well, quite weird, you should use US government.
      The first paragraph’s end is also not alright for me. “What the future might bring isn’t a good ending for the first paragraph in a essay.
      Some logical flaws in the second paragraph and comma mistakes. I’m quite sure there is no comma in front of and.
      The conclusion shows your position on the matter and that is good.
      The last thing I wanted to say was that, though your intro talks about videos, the second paragraph and conclusion talks about knowledge in general. Maybe you should have implied this subject in your intro as well.
      Otherwise you did a good job;)

    • alex 11:26 on December 7, 2010 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Firstly the thesis statement is only about the videos in Wikileaks but you were supposed to talk about the information in general in Wikileaks. Somewhat is not a suitable word. For me the beginning of an essay to start with a definition is a bit wrong or random. In the first body paragraph maybe of great importance is better than the most of imortance. What do you mean by they also have to worry about the safety of their people? It is eager not eagered. North America is not a he it is a it. In the end of the paragraph you posed a question and it should have been the end sentence, do not answer it with no actual answer. Where can we see that people,nations and parties are trying hard to deceive us. I cannot identify the cons form your text and where the ethnicality comes in. Conclusion is okay I would say.

      • silver 12:07 on December 7, 2010 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Videos as to informational sources
        Worrying about the safety of their people as having to worry about unexpected wars, terrorism etc.

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    Grimacescript Task 

    1) Describe Facebook’s new messaging platform in Great detail.

    Monday, 15 November was the day when Facebook Messages was released. According to Mark Zuckenberg, 15 engineers had been working on this project. The project aims to set competition in the field of e-mailing by making it simpler. I think that the aim of Zuckenberg is to at one point be dominant over Gmail, which is at this moment one of the most popularly used e-mailing servers.
    The platform promises that it will change the way that people use/see e-mailing. Zuckenberg told the press, that the new platform will bring together e-mailing, instant messaging and SMS. So basically he is trying to create something that would be an MSN type messaging system, that could be used on mobile phones(especially on Iphone’s). The new system lets users set up social groups(IE work, friends, family etc.), this in turn makes it easier for people to deliver messages and not have to worry about how to formulate them. The groups also let you chose how the message is being presented(e-mail, IM). I think that the presentation set up to work on different(social) groups will automatically set up somewhat disturbing formalities such as “Dear Mom” and “Love, Mark”(which could be added automatically). The conversations will be saved to conversation history, and can be viewed later on. The system also “slots” people so it is possible, on one page, to view all the conversations and their latest replies/posts. Which in certain situations can come in handy. The new platform integrates the Office Web Apps to enable Facebook users to view Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents with just one click. It works cooperatively with Microsoft office and also works with Windows Live SkyDrive to collaborate on group projects.
    The new platform also adds a possibility of making a @facebook.com e-mail address. Although old/veteran e-mail users might not rush into making a @facebook email, could become a new “trend” overtime.

    2) Evaluate the possible impact on your communication behavior, what is going to happen to messaging

    The communicational behaviour of people has already changed a lot during the last couple of years. Everything nowadays goes through social centers, they have truly become an integrated part of peoples’ lives. When everything is brought together, it is made much easier for the users, to manage their documents, friends conversations, relationships and much more. In the end it takes much less time and energy for users to manage all that is important.
    The problem with this kind of a platform is that since everything is lodged together, one could lose much, if there ever was a security breach. So security breaches such as WiFi hijacking could cause much more damage than initially expected(accessing e-mail, MSN and friends, all at once).
    Overall, I think, that the platform is just many ideas put together in a cluster. E-mail, google docs, MSN, SMS etc are now easily accessible to millions of people with just a simple click. When minor problems with security could be fixed, it could prove out to be a great social center(even greater than it is today), This is just what the customers need.

    http://blogs.office.com/b/office-exec/archive/2010/11/15/office-facebook-easily-share-your-ideas-and-documents-with-friends.aspx Excel, Word…

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    C:\Users\tik-2012>copy “c:\users\tik-2012\my documents\Sj.txt” “c:\users\tik-2012\desktop\Sj.txt”

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    Term 1 news summary 

    My weekly news were mostly based on robotics. Why? Because robots are all around us ranging from Robo-butlers to Iron man suits. These are machines that could possibly save a human life one day and machines that could one day make your life a lot easier.
    The reason i chose to present news about robots and robotics is that I am interested in them(from my early need to know how things work). Since robotics are developing so rapidly at the moment, we might not be far from having to do nothing for ourselves(which of course has its pros and cons). So it is best to be wary about them, so everyone could one day use them for their advantage thus making our lives more convenient.

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    Survey reflection 

    -> Link

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